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Jedi Knight Vlog: Part 5

We'll start out with the inevitable.  I've found Lord Tarnis, and a duel was pretty much inevitable.

Now, two problems.  One, Tarnis uploaded the weapon plans to his father and all those other Sith.  So now, the Empire has them, and will undoubtedly try to use them.  Second, a very power Sith Lord wants me very, very dead.  I did sort of kill his son, after all.

So, the next order of business is to report back to the General and to Master Satele.

They were able to trace where the plans were sent -- to one of Angral's secret spy bases.  That's my next stop, where I'll hopefully be able to pick up his trail, or at least learn something useful.

First thing's first, though.  It's time to get my own starship!

Coming up next:  On the surface of Ord Mantell, and the exploration of the secret spy base.

And now, I would like to share with you a very small excerpt from a book I'm reading.  The book is "The Talisman", by Stephen King and Peter Straub.  It…

Serious Sam 3 - Chapter 6 - The Silent Ridder Part 1


Serious Sam 3 - Chapter 5 - Under the Iron Cloud


Jedi Knight Vlog: Part 4

There's an interesting twist in these sets of videos, and the storyline is starting to take shape.  It starts out simple enough -- when last we left our hero, a doctor of the Republic had been kidnapped.  I'm given the task of rescuing him.

I have to convince some troops to join me on this mission.  Y'see, the Justicar are pretty damn well equipped, and these forces have been suffering some considerable losses trying to fight them.  Luckily, I'm pretty good at rousing speeches.

So there we go, busting into the kidnapper's base to save the doctor.  Only to discover...

He's a Sith!  Yeah, that's not exactly good news.  Well, back to the General, then!

So now, I have a Sith Lord to track down.

Bloviate, Harangue, Objurgate, Perorate, Vociferate

I'm fucking tired.

It's my own fault, of course.  I stayed up too late reading.  Time got away from me and it was 3:30 when I realized I should probably turn off the damn Kindle and to go sleep.  The problem was that I was trying to get through a certain part of the book I was reading, because it was pissing me off beyond anything you can imagine and I just wanted to be through and done with it.  So now, instead of just being pissed about what's happening in the book, I'm still pissed about that and additionally pissed that it's going on for THIS MANY PAGES.  Oh the rage.

It actually reminds me of why I enjoy writing -- so that I can control the story.  I can avoid yelling at my Kindle after every paragraph, telling the main character to stop being a damned wuss and start kicking ass.  Though, I guess that if the story is evoking those sort of emotions out of me, then it's a relatively good story.  It's better than being bored with it, I suppose.

So, becaus…

Serious Sam 3 - Chapter 4

No Jedi Knight vlogs for a bit -- I'm slashing my way through all the non-story based questlines.  I did about a half a dozen of those last night -- fun stuff, but like I said, I'm only recording the story based stuff.

Have a Serious Sam video instead.

Y'know what I'm looking forward to?  Max Payne 3.

Jedi Consular Vlog 1 - Intro & Master Cin Tykan

With Steve doing his own Star Wars: The Old Republic video blog, I'm going to make my own to show another side of the story; the Jedi Consular. I've only just figured out how to run FRAPS without my computer exploding, so the Vlogs will start a short way into the story. But, here's what you need to know:

- After passing my Jedi Trials on Tython (the Jedi homeworld), my master suddenly fainted during my ceremony to become a Jedi.
- She was taken to Coruscant to be healed, but none of the Jedi Masters or doctors could figure out what was wrong. She kept babbling about the darkness, and became progressively weaker.
- I went around Coruscant in the search of noeticons, special holographic projections that allowed me to commune with long dead Jedi Masters. After gathering all three of them, I discovered that the illness was some sort of plague/mind control, developed by a mysterious Sith Lord.
- Taking the three noeticons to the Jedi Temple, I learned an ancient shielding technique…

Jedi Knight Vlog: Part 3

This entry will cover the very first part of my Jedi's stay on Coruscant.  And just for the record, that city is utterly gorgeous.  Now, if you recall from last time, Master Kiwikks sensed a dangerous and powerful presence, and pinpointed it to Coruscant.  So, I was sent there to help investigate.  However, it looks like some other matters are going to require my attention before we get to that.

From this point forward, I realize that the game audio is pretty high and that you probably won't be able to hear what I'm saying very much.  I was having a really difficult night in regards to recording and lagging and stuff like that.  I don't say very much that's important anyway -- it's all in the story itself.

A Video. Also Commentary!

It often makes me disappointed in people when I see how other countries view my own.  There are so many negative American stereotypes out here.  Some of it I can understand -- it's a proven fact that America has one of the highest obesity rates in the world.  So I can understand how some ignorant people will just assume that if you are an American that must certainly mean you're a fat slob.  Right?  And I can understand that just because our government passed a legislature that states a slice of pizza contains the nutrients found in one serving of vegetables, and can thus count as one serving of vegetables, that means that all Americans are retarded and think that pizza is a vegetable.  Right?  And since someone who used to be in Congress then became the head of the RIAA, a greedy corporation, which made it quite easy for that corporation to lobby two very bad legislatures (SOPA and PIPA), then that means America as a whole is turning into a Nazi regime and is trying to censor…

Jedi Knight Vlog: Part 2

A smaller post today, but the video is longer than the others.  So that sort of makes up for it!  This video summarizes the conclusion of the whole Bengel Morr  storyline, and also showcases the creation of my lightsaber.  Some assembly was required -- but fortunately it assembles itself!

Jedi Knight Vlog: Part 1

I've started a Jedi Knight called Kobel in The Old Republic, and I decided to do something a little bit differently this time around.  I've already discussed the game's elements, how it plays, the environments, and stuff like that.  This time around I'm going to focus more on the story itself, and to do so I'm going to offer short videos of all the important sections of the main storyline.  I'll try to keep my mouth shut as much as possible as I'm recording these, but you'll probably hear me making retorts from time to time.  It's just unavoidable.  :D

Also, the audio for the first few videos will be a tad loud.  Sorry about that.  I'm far from an expert in these things.

Finally, I don't think I need to mention the fact that this will spoil the entirety of the Jedi Knight storyline.  But just in case you're an idiot, there, I warned you.

So, the very first problem that I encounter after making a Jedi Knight character is an attack by Flesh R…

That Thing That's a Virtue, But Not Right Now

I would be referring to patience, naturally.  Of which I have none!

See, I was going to record a play-through of Serious Sam 3 -- the whole game, of course, with me talking through it and stuff.  And actually, I started doing just that.  But, I have this problem:  I'm an idiot.  I didn't exactly do a sound check before I played through and recorded two full levels of the game.  The game sound is actually quite fine -- maybe a bit loud, though.  Still, it's okay.  But, you really can't hear me very much at all.  I thought maybe it would work out okay if I didn't use my headset.  That was an error in judgement.

I was going to process those first two chapters anyway, and just improve upon them from that point forward.  Seems reasonable, right?  I got sofar as to processing the raw video in Movie Maker.  I had a 26 minute video of chapter 1, but for some reason part of the video goes black halfway through.  I have no idea why.  None of it is like that pre-processing, a…

Something's not right here

Wait a Sith-stopping second.

Whenever Blizzard patches World of Warcraft, problems follow. Bugs are found, exploits are spread about and things break. This is only natural with the nature of online gaming, and PC gaming in general. It's generally accepted that your framerate and latency will go down a little with each patch.

Then WHY has my framerate DOUBLED in Star Wars: The Old Republic? This isn't right! Are Bioware really pulling this whole MMO thing off properly? I may actually have to play this game more now!

The force is strong with this one. I love you, Bioware.

But not you, EA. Go to hell.

Also, pretty screenshot is pretty.

What the FUCK, id?

I'm about to prove to you that I do not hold back when it comes to game developers that I worship.  Oh how misguided you are if you thought that might be the case with me.  How misguided indeed.  I should start at the beginning though.  And don't worry, this post is not going to be 100% rant.  It'll take me a while to get to that.  BUT GET TO IT I WILL.
Ok, I'm back.  You didn't notice a thing, but I left for like 15 minutes.  I needed new music.  I get that urge randomly, and when it happens there's really nothing I can do about it.  Now, on with the show!

I decided to finish Rage this evening, as I wasn't quite in the mood to play TOR and playing an FPS actually quite appealed to me.  This brings me to the first annoyance of the evening.  I was actually going to record all of my playthrough this evening, and just post it.  But I couldn't get a decent framerate at all.  I tried many things -- internal hard drive, external hard drive, lowering the FPS on…

Taking the Grand TOR: Part 7

The finale of the Sith Warrior!  Let's get to it.

Seriously, I wonder how many people actually get all of my jokes?  *Ponders*

If I just got Quad City DJs stuck in your head, I vehemently apologize.  At least I'm telling you I do.  Secretly, I'm laughing.

Taking the Grand TOR: Part 6

Alright, it's time to finish up all of my screeshots, so that I'm actually up to date with where I am in the game.  Also, I'm going to change the way I post images here a little bit.  Well, actually, I'm going to change the format of the text that goes with them, so it's easier to tell which picture the text belongs with.  I'm going to use captions.  Wish me luck!

That thing was elite, too.  Not something you'd want to find in some dark forest by any means.  Also going through that area reminded me of this book I'm reading -- The Talisman.  The main character, Jack, was almost murdered by the forest.  Think of Tokien's Fangorn Forest, only evil.  Or, if you will, imagine the forest from MacBeth...only for real.  (Incidentally, Tolkien's forest really was alive because he was disappointed that Shakespeare's forest in MacBeth was not.  True story.)

I could try and explain what's happening there, but it would take me forever.  Basically, let&…

Taking the Grand TOR: Part 5

I have all these screenshots that I haven't posted yet, which I need to do before I post the final ones from my Sith's storyline.  So let's dive right into that, shall we?  I believe we left off on Alderaan.

Also, from this point forward, you should assume that any TOR post I make will have considerable spoilers in it.  Just FYI.

Belsavis was an odd planet.  Its quests were also a bit on the grindy side, as far as I'm concerned.  Still, it had its moments.  The idea of a planet's sole purpose being a prison isn't relatively unique, but it was cool to see it visually realized in a persistent game world.

The place had its fair share of lightsaber duels, too.  It's odd seeing this image after everything else that's happened since.  That other guy beside me is the other apprentice of my master Darth Baras.  Here we're working together.  Later on...well, you'll see.

There's no point having pretty landscapes if you're not going to pose in them!



To me, leveling is like the Dark Side.  Its power and influence always seems greater than anything else, and eventually it will consume and destroy you.

Well, I may be exaggerating a little bit.

In any case, I've reached the level cap in The Old Republic, and I've done so with a feeling of relief.  You may question that, and perhaps ask, "Well, if you were enjoying the game so much, why would that be?"  That answer is simple:  MMOs are structured to always make you feel that if you are not at the level cap, you are behind.  It's one of the downsides of the genre.  In fact, Blizzard just recently made a post about exactly that topic:

I've always been one to agree with the notion that it's always the journey that's important, and not the destination.  I envy anyone who can successfully apply that philosophy while playing an MMO.  It's not easy to do.  I find it much easier to think that way in real li…

Friday the 13th

For a day that's traditionally and superstitiously attributed to bad luck, this one is certainly living up to its standards.  It started at lunch for me.  It's utterly despicable outside, weather-wise, so four of us decided to order some delivery and thus avoid having to leave the office.  When our food got here, I opened up my box and it was completely empty.

After one Mother Hubbard and one "What's in the boooooox?  Oh, nothing." joke later, I called up the place and informed them that my lunch was missing.

About an hour later, the guy finally arrives with my food, but he's all shaken up.  When he was retrieving my box from the driver's seat of his car, someone backed into him.  So the guy delivering my food was hit by a car.  Also, please note that I'm not saying that his car was hit.  No -- HE was hit.  Luckily, he was unhurt, since the other car was backing up and thus going quite slowly.  He said the only thing that hurt was his fist -- because h…

Actually, I am Sure...