Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I recently read an article about a re-make of Stephen King's IT, which is slated to air on the Sci-Fi channel some time this year. I was really interested in that, because IT is one of my favorite books by Stephen King, second only to maybe The Stand. It's been YEARS, probably close to a decade, since I've read the book, and I actually remember the Tim Curry mini-series more than I remember the book itself.

I always thought that first mini-series was pretty well done. It captured the tone of the book rather accurately, even if it did make major changes to some of the plot. (Most movies based on a book do, so that was nothing out of the ordinary) I still remember getting the crap scared out of me when watching that fucking clown come out of that shower drain. I think the movie was one of the reasons I hate clowns. (That, and Killer Clowns from Outer Space.)

Anyway, reading about this new mini-series on the Sci-Fi channel has given me the desire to re-read the book. A quick trip to the Barnes & Noble website yielded me a paperback version of the book for $7, and I ordered it on Saturday. Not only am I looking forward to reading the story again, I'm also interested to find out how much of the movie I've inadvertantly merged with the book in my mind. It's been so many years since I've read the book and seen the movie, that I've probably put the two together.

And then after I read the book, I can watch the new mini-series on the Sci-Fi channel and laugh at how terrible it is. Heh.

"Dig me up from under what is covering the better part of me."

Friday, June 20, 2008

So this morning my boss tells me I'm going back to Copenhagen.

I didn't mind Copenhagen last year. The only real complaint I had was the God awful flights. I mean, seriously, sitting on a plane for 9 straight hours is definitely NOT my idea of a good time. I wanted to hurt someone after we landed, and I probably would have if my legs weren't so fucking cramped that I couldn't walk let alone commit a homicide.

In any case, it looks like I'm headed back either the week of July 7th, or the week of July 14th. That gives me two weeks to invent a machine that will allow me to travel around the world without the use of an airplane.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Every so often, life gives you a story so perfect, it would just be a fucking crime if you didn't tell it immediately. So here it is...one of the greatest stories I've had to tell in a long time.

We've been having trouble with our air conditioning here at the office, and it's been quite warm here in my section of the building. So much so, that Mark and I have resorted to using fans at our desks. Finally, we did enough complaining to our bosses that they talked to the building supervisor about it, who thus called the central healing/cooling maintenance company.

This company sent us a repair guy, who is everything you would expect from a typical repair guy: Unkempt, fat, ugly, with saggy pants. All the trimmings.

After playing with the thermostat on the wall to listen for the pathetic clicking of the damper, Mr. Willie (seems like a good repair guy name) determined that the place he needed to work was directly above my desk. Of course it was.

So I had to vacate my cubicle while this clown moved all the things on my desk so that he could stand on it, and watched as he knocked my calendar, bulletin board, and phone list off the wall. He ended up sitting on the tall divider between Mark's cube and my own, and if the fat bastard would have fell and went over Mark's side, Mark would not have survived, I'm quite sure of that.

About 20 minutes of him working up in the ceiling go by, with me 2 cubes away at Danielle's desk chatting with her. All the while, I can hear such mumbles from the ceiling as "Oh, that's not good.", and "That's not supposed to be like that.", and "I hate it when that happens."

Then, all of a sudden, one of the padded panels that makes up my cube gave under the weight of Mr. Willie. His leg slipped and he was now straddling this divider between our cubes in a position that can only be defined as the epitome of where you wouldn't want to find yourself if you had a pair of testicles. His face started contorted and turning an interesting shade of purple. He looked like he was on the brink of passing out before he looked down at Mark and gasped, "My ball!!!"

And from that point forward, he was then referred to as Mr. Willie-One-Nut.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ok, I tanked my first AoC instance last night. Things went better than I expected, and I'll highlight some of the things that learned:

1. I didn't do any of the pulls because I had no idea where I was going. The ranger pulled the mobs and I was able to grab aggro on them with little difficulty.

2. We didn't have much need for a tank on the trash. I didn't have aggro on the trash 100% of the time, but I did for most of the time, and always when it mattered. I only let one person die once, and that was because they pulled something by accident and I didn't notice it in time.

3. I had very little trouble holding aggro on the bosses.

We ran the instance twice, and it was really smooth. I found it easier than I anticipated, and I found a cycle that I think works pretty well.

As for the damage on me, it was nearly non-existent. But then, my level was the max for that particular instance, so that's to be expected. The mobs were all green to me.


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