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A few weeks ago on a Monday morning, I climbed into my car to head to work.  As I turned on the key, I noticed that I had a warning light on the console.  Tire low, add air.  I checked the PSI monitor, which informed me that my left rear tire had a total of 0 PSI.  I got out of the car to ensure it wasn't a problem with the sensor.  Sure enough, the tire was flat.  It happens, and I wasn't all that stressed out about it.  I was actually pretty thankful that it was something that I had to deal with in my garage, rather than out on the road.  I took the tire off and sent it to work with my mom, who is the receptionist at my brother's garage.  They replaced the stem on the tire, as that's where they determined it was leaking.  Things seemed fine after that for a few days.

A few days later, the low pressure light came on again as I was driving to work.  It seemed to be a slower leak than before, so I stopped and put some air in it, and then took it back to the garage.  The…

Another Guild Wars Post?

It was been nearly five years to the day since I made a post about Guild Wars 2, back when it released in 2012.  Reading this post got me thinking about how much the game has changed, and how much I have changed, too.  Aside from my writing becoming slightly less terrible from five years ago, my opinion of the game remains essentially unchanged.  If anything, it may have improved a bit.  My gaming preferences have been the thing that I think have changed the most over the course of half a decade, and I've grown more fond of games with a deep sense of progression that doesn't feel superfluous.  This is why I ended up adoring Stardew Valley.  This is also one of the reasons why I drifted away from World of Warcraft.  In GW2, the progression systems are intricately tied into the game itself.  The game awards you with a chest of goodies each time you reach a milestone of achievement points.  This happens about every 500 points that you earn.  Additionally, some achievements have m…