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Points of Interest

With the new Dominion mode of League of Legends live, it's interesting to see the community responding to it.  As far as I can see now, everyone is split on what exactly this new game mode means to the game as a whole.  One percentage of the population seems to consider it a nice alternative, perhaps when you don't quite have enough time (or patience) for the farm heavy Summoner's Rift map.  Another section of the population seems to think it's going to actually replace Summoner's Rift in competitive play because it's more fun to play, watch, and commentate.  One thing is certain though -- it seems like just about everyone likes it in one way or another.

The people at Bioware made a bit of a mistake yesterday.  It seems like someone erroneously sent out a bugged beta invite to a certain large e-mail distribution list.  Oops.  I can just imagine the quantity of raid tears when all those people found out they really didn't receive a valid beta invite.  Sucker…

I can see!

I went waaaay too long without getting an eye exam.  I knew my vision was getting a little iffy, and today I finally went to the eye doctor.  My eyes are healthy, but as I suspected, I needed a stronger prescription.

It was SO NICE getting those new contacts.  The things I can see!  And read!  Whee!

I also got new glasses, as well, since those haven't been updated for an even longer span of time.  And Buyo ate my old ones.

Getting new glasses is fun for me, because it's basically choosing a new face for yourself.  It's less of a big deal for me, I suppose, since I only wear my glasses when I'm in bed reading or watching TV.  But still, it's fun to actually change your appearance like that.  I suppose I'll have to take a picture of them when I get 'em and post it.  Look for that in about 2-3 weeks.

We'll just hide and hope it doesn't get any worse.

I'm having one of those days.  Nothing uncommon about that -- shit happens from time to time.  It started as soon as I woke up this morning, because I remembered what I was dreaming right before my alarm had gone off.  The content of the dream really, really bothered me.  So much so, that I'm not even going to share it here.  Or with anyone.  Ever.

Additionally, I'm still letting some stupid little annoyance from yesterday bother me a little bit, when it shouldn't even be on my mind any more.  I hate that.  I think I'm more annoyed at the fact that I'm still thinking about it than I am annoyed at the actual thing that happened.  And now my head hurts after re-reading that sentence.  Ow.

I also put my underwear on backwards, too.  That's never a good sign.  (Yes, I did realize it and fixed it before I put on my pants.)

So, I'm just going to hide here at my desk until the day is over, and hope that whatever monster is out there trying to get me today won&#…

Creativity or Plagiarism?

I read something interesting about Stephen King once, probably in the "introduction" section of The Dark Tower novels (most likely the first book), or perhaps in his On Writing book.  He said that after he'd read The Lord of the Rings, he wanted to write his own Americanized version of it.  But, he didn't start writing it immediately then and there, because he knew that if he did, he'd simply write the same story over again.

That always stuck with me, because I can totally relate.  I've found myself in that same exact position quite a number of times, and mostly all the stories that I've written were inspired by something I've read or watched.  Chiitsu's story was loosely based on the anime Hellsing.  What I took from that was simply the idea of a "good" vampire.  The rest of the story is all my own.  Same thing with Kobal.  That was inspired by Naruto, and it's more painfully obvious in that case.

This is one of the main reasons tha…


Well, those journal posts were certainly fun to write.  I apologize for being so dramatically cliched there in the writing style, but damn it was fun to write like that for a bit.

In other news, I seem to have a bit of opportunity thrown my way that could prove interesting.  On Thursday, my boss informed me that the project manager for our most profitable account was going to be replaced, and that he would like  me to assume the role.  This wouldn't come with an official promotion, of course, because our company, like so many others, simply just doesn't do that kind of thing.  If I do the job well, I probably still won't get anything for it.

But that's a moot point, because quite frankly, having something like that on my resume is worth it right there.  My boss says that's shit, and ensures me that he'll take care of the monetary compensation.  I appreciate that, of course, but I'm not holding my breath.

In any case, on Friday I told him that I'd do the…

The Lonesome Road: Day 4

Note:  Steve is playing through The Lonesome Road; the last piece of Fallout: New Vegas DLC.  The following is the on-going journal for his character as he plays through to the end. 
Day 4 - February 7th, 2083

10:36 AM - I'm still alive.  Last night was hell, filled with pain, nightmares, and  broken sleep.  The sun was already starting to rise when I was finally able to sleep, and I only got a few hours worth.  But I feel better.  Refreshed.  And my wounds are tended to and cleaned.  

I'm going to continue.  I've decided that.  Thought about it last night, and it's really the only thing for me to do.  It's my -choice-.  I could end it right here -- I've got plenty of bullets.  I only need one for me.  But that's a cowards way out.  Not for me.  Not ever.  

I could turn back, but there are two things preventing me from doing that.  The first is that I still don't know what Ulysses has planned.  He needed ED-E for something, and that makes me worry.  I'm…

The Lonesome Road: Day 3

Note:  Steve is playing through The Lonesome Road; the last piece of Fallout: New Vegas DLC.  The following is the on-going journal for his character as he plays through to the end. 
Day 3 - February 6th, 2083

4:33 PM - I'm...not sure if there will be another entry after this one.  I'm bleeding pretty badly, and my supplies are almost gone.  And ED-E...he's gone. -He- took him.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  

First of all, the trek across the divide was every bit as dangerous as Ulysses had said.  The Deathclaws here...they're different.  Stronger.  One knocked me right on my ass with one swipe earlier today.  I damn near didn't get up.  I've killed a lot of them today.  And a lot of marked men.  And even more of those tunnelers.  It's been one disaster after another.  

And then he talked to me again.  Through ED-E.  

I still don't know what he wants.  I don't even know if I care anymore.

Today was hell.  I was nearly blown up, chewed up, ripped u…

The Lonesome Road: Day 2

Note:  Steve is playing through The Lonesome Road; the last piece of Fallout: New Vegas DLC.  The following is the on-going journal for his character as he plays through to the end.

Day 2 - February 5th, 2083

8:32 PM - It feels like I've walked across the Mojave.  Twice.  The Divide is a huge, expansive place and is full of winding, narrow corridors.  And dangerous.  Ulysses was right about that, at least.  ED-E and I hadn't taken more than three steps when I heard a familiar sound that made me duck for cover.


Scrambling, I yanked ED-E down and dove behind a large chunk of concrete pavement that jutted out from the ground.  The explosion from the rocket was deafening, sending bits of shrapnel zinging in all directions.  I yanked my gun from its holster, grinning at the current situation.  I was a guy with a pistol fighting at least two guys with rocket launchers.

They were at a disadvantage.

I sent a spray of cover fire in their direction first, making them duck for co…

The Lonesome Road: Day 1

This past year, I've probably clocked more hours into Fallout: New Vegas than any other new game.  Steam tells me I've played the game for 86 hours.  I've killed mutants, monsters, and all kinds of nasty creatures.  I've killed humans too, a lot of whom were more nasty than those mutants.  Humans who walked around in steel suits, or crucified people just for fun.  I saved good people.  And, admittedly, lost a few, too.  I gained companions.  Freed natives.  Stopped wars.  Started a few, too.  It was a lovely ride through the main game and four pieces of DLC.

Now, the final slice of DLC has been released:  The Lonesome Road.  I'm sad.  No more new content for Fallout: New Vegas.  Say it isn't so!  But, in celebration of its release (and a closing to this chapter in the Fallout series), I present you with my journey through this last piece of the Mojave Wasteland.  It will be written utterly straight, spoken from a first person point of view and describing things…

Fucking Hell, Apple!

Today I saw there were updates for a few apps on my iPhone.  So I pressed the update button.  Never do this unless you have about an hour of time to waste.  Here's the process I just went through:

1. Press update.
2. Sign in.
3. "Your account has been locked.  Please reset your password."
4. Answer security question #1.
5. Answer security question #2.
6. Unlock the account.
7. Press update.
8. Sign in.
9. "You must confirm your payment method."
10. Confirm payment method.
11. Press update.
12. Sign in.
13. "Our terms and conditions have changed.  You must accept them."
14. Press accept.
15. Press update.
16. Sign in.
16. "Some apps have age restricted material.  Please confirm you are over 17."
17. Press confirm.
18. Press update.
19. Sign in.
20. Finally!


If someone tells you, "Write documentation on this.", I suppose an intelligent person would ask a ton of questions to get details, so that the end result satisfies the person making the request by providing them exactly what they want.

On the other hand, it could be said that if you want something done exactly so, you should either do it yourself, or make sure that you provide the person doing it with explicit instructions, rather that simply telling them, "Write documentation on this."

I'm trying to decide who to be more annoyed with -- Me for not confirming exactly what Mr. Picky wanted, or Mr. Picky for being a picky bitch.


This post has been bouncing around in my head for about a week now, but I'm just getting around to writing it.  I suppose part of the problem is that I just haven't really been in the mood to write something that I felt would be decent, rather than just a few paragraph as my last two posts have been.  That changed yesterday, when I was given an assignment by my boss to write a user guide.  I was compelled to do a really good job on it, mainly because I wanted to show him that I actually have some writing skill.  That's something he's mentioned as being a rare commodity here in the office.  Just the kind of thing that inspires me.

In any case, I was feeling incredibly restless on Tuesday.  This happens when I feel I have nothing to do of interest.  It's human nature for a person to want to do things that they feel are great.  As a whole, humans accomplish that through their careers, their hobbies, their friends, or their families.  I'm no different.  This made me…

"Rushes" and "Misleading"

Today's gaming news made me think hard about two aspects of the gaming industry that really piss my mittens.

1. Rushing a release.

A vast majority of the time, it seems like we suffer because a game was released before it was ready.  Just today you can see news of Dead Island getting a huge, huge release day patch to fix 37 issues.  No one has even played the game yet, and they're issuing a patch!  I just don't understand why this is even acceptable to anyone.  Anyone who knows me realizes that I'm pretty optimistic when it comes to games.  The vast majority of this community are over-privileged whiners who will complain about the sky being the wrong shade of blue.  But me, I even like bad games a lot of the times.  So if this bugs me, I just can't understand why it keeps happening.  I suppose bureaucracy wins the day here, and the almighty dollar is more important than producing a good product.

2. Misleading Advertising

I'm looking at -YOU-, League of Legends.  I…
Y'know, it's been a while since a song has gotten right into my head and stayed there to the point where I find myself humming it.  What's even more unique is that this song is new enough that I don't know the lyrics yet.  Don't ya just hate that?  You want to sing a song, and you have to make up your own words...

In any case, the song in question is Cough Syrup by Young the Giant.  I currently have it on loop, and it's what's helping me get through this day.  I don't know why, it just is.