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"Ah, my old love."

I got the mini-gun in Serious Sam 3 last night.  It's Sam's trademark weapon, and that line, "Ah, my old love.", is the same line he utters when he gets the gun in the first game.  I smiled at that.

I'm obviously not at home, currently, so I'll refrain from talking about the game anymore since I don't have access to my screenshots.  There's a certain new kind of enemy new to this game that I want to mention, but I'd like the picture to go with it.

So instead, let's discuss how things are faring in 11/22/63.  I did more reading than I did gaming last night anyway.

When last I left our intrepid hero, he had just returned back from the past.  Before he committed himself to actually going back and stopping Oswald from killing the president, he wanted to change something smaller and observe the "butterfly effect" of his actions by returning to 2011.  In the back of my mind, I wondered how this was going to work.  The portal always takes y…


I have a very strong urge to yell really loudly right now.  Serious Sam has that effect on me.

Let's take a step back.  Ten years, to be exact, because that's when the first Serious Sam game was released.  (Don't get me started on how fecking ridiculous that fact is.)  The year, 2001.  The world was simpler then.  Fuck, the world was a -lot- simpler!  The game came out in March.  That means 9/11 hadn't even happened yet.  Talk about an innocent time.

ANYWAY, a little game called Serious Sam came out, and it filled a void.  That void was left by Duke Nukem, who had been missing in action for quite a long time EVEN THEN.  There was always something different about Sam, though.  The sexism and crude humor that sort of turns me off when it comes to Duke wasn't there.  And it was refreshing.

The point of Serious Sam was to basically throw a metric fuck ton of enemies at you all at once, and give you multitudes of weapons to deal with the problem.  Simple.  Fun.  Hours of…

Why you stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking, nerf-herder!

Sorry.  I saw that line in reply to someone whining about TOR being bad on the PCG forums, and I just had to repeat it.  What a brilliant reply.

Also, here is a brilliant snippet of song lyric for you as well:

"There's a party inside my head.  And no one is invited."

Anyway, I'm here today to discuss something completely unrelated to the Star Wars beta.  It's a book, actually!  11/22/63.

This is Stephen King's newest title.  I will admit that I don't read as much as I would like -- the amount of free time I have to do so just isn't there with all the other interests that I have.  (I'm looking at you, gaming.)  But I do it when I can.  This primarily means that I'm reading in bed long after I should be sleeping, but I digress.

I recently purchased the new Amazon Kindle Fire, because as the very first entry in this blog will tell you, deep down I am a trendy son of a bitch.  If someone asks me why I purchased such a device, I will undoubtedly tell…

Ok, I think I'm done!

With Skyrim, that is.
There are a couple of things that led me to this conclusion.  I'm sure I'll put in a lot more time, an hour here and there, but I think the evenings consumed by this game are finally at an end.  (Seriously, I was doing nothing but playing this game for every scrap of free time I had.)

That being said, I am prepared to share with you my final thoughts on the game.  While eating a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, no less!

Skyrim is still in the same position on my top games list as it was the last time I announced where it stood -- a solid third, beaten by only Half-Life 2 (at #1) and Fallout 3/New Vegas (at #2).  I'm actually in the mood to explain exactly why that is.

First, here's what Half-Life 2 does better:

Story.  Skyrim has an amazing story, and amazing -side- stories.  It's got more lore and more content than Half-Life 2 by far.  But one of the problems I have with Skyrim's stories is that a lot of the times, you do not see the consequenc…

It's the game that never ends.

I knew going into Skyrim that they designed it to last forever -- quests are randomly generated, dragons are randomly generated, etc.  That still doesn't change the fact, however, that eventually -I- will consider myself finished.  I'd either start to see repetition or I would simply get bored.  It doesn't matter how good something is -- eventually, if you play it long enough, you will get bored.  Just look at World of Warcraft.  There's no denying it's a brilliant game.  But it's also 7 years old and people are getting bored with it.  There's nothing you can do to prevent that.  Even re-branding yourself might not help -- Blizzard tried that with Cataclysm and it didn't really do much.  
I'm sort of waiting for that to happen with Skyrim, and it really hasn't yet.  Part of me wishes it would, because I have a house that needs cleaning, a litter box that needs emptying, Christmas shopping that needs doing, books that need reading, Christmas decor…

Yay kittehs

That is all.

I have a blueberry fritter.

And it is delicious.
On a completely different topic, you may have noticed that while I have made quite a number of posts about Skyrim, I haven't actually written a lot of text about the game.  If you compare it to my posts on say, Deus Ex or Dead Space 2, there is considerably less information.  You may take that to mean that I don't like Skyrim as much as I like these other games.  I'm here to tell you that is incorrect.

I haven't even finished Skyrim yet, and I'm already prepared to tell you that it is my third most favorite game of all time, behind Half-Life and Fallout.  (I don't put sequels on those games, because I feel they are just simply games as a whole and should be treated as such.  But if you want me to be more specific, that includes Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, Fallout 3, and New Vegas.  That is as specific as I can get.)

The reason I haven't written a lot about Skyrim is because the game is so -huge- that it's actually quite difficu…

John's Skyrim Stories

Well, Steve's doing it so I'm going to do it too. Since the gods of death and diseases have focused their unbridled fury down upon my throat (aka: I'm ill and have nothing to do other than play Skyrim), I thought I'd share my stories from Skyrim. I'm sure me and Steve will enter some kind of "my stories are better than yours" contest... And I shall win it! Har har.
So, let us commence my Skyrim stories..

I found myself in the middle of a snowstorm and damn, it was pretty. On the right there is not me (I'm not that girly), it's my companion Lydia. I got her after doing a quest to save a town, and she was all "let me help you kill things". I didn't want my style cramped, so I left her at home to do nothing except read books about how to improve one-handed weapons. After being eaten by a bear 15 minutes later, I decided her help would be useful.

You know what this screenshot says to me? Explore me, damnit!
This screenshot doesn't say th…

Looking the Part

I can't tell you where I got this stuff.  Spoilers.  

Skyrim Stories - Part 2

As a continuation of yesterday's screenshot-oriented post, I bring you more postcard-worthy pictures of Tamriel.  Enjoy!

This whole thing with the Greybeards reminded me of that scene from near the end of Ghostbusters.

"Are you a god?"

"Ray, when someone asks you if you're a say YES!"

I'm not sure why I thought of that -- probably due to the whole "voice-from-the-sky" thing.  In any case, I really liked this part, because it gave you the impression that this world is really, really old, and that a lot of people have been waiting and searching for someone like you for their entire lives.  That's a cool idea.

The problem I tend to have is that there are so many places, so many things to do, and so many things to see in this game, that I tend to forget the circumstances of a lot of it.  Take this image, for example.  Looks cool, doesn't it?  I have no idea where I was or what I was doing w…

Skyrim Stories - Part 1

What I'm going to do here is provide a screenshot that I've take in-game, and tell a story about it -- give you what was happening, what my character was doing, and such things as that.  There's so much to this game that this is really the most interesting way I can think of to go about discussing it.  So, on to the first one:

So with this one, early on in the game I got hopelessly lost.  This was before I learned clairvoyance, which has been a cromsend ever since.  In any case, to get to the village that I needed to get to, I decided to walk along the coast.  This is one of the places that I happened to come across on my way there.  And in the end, yes, my plan worked and I did make it to the village.  Finally.  Though I'm quite sure I had frostbite.

I also found this on my trip along that horrid, icy coast.  It's a shrine, and it gave me a little buff when I clicked on it.  What's also interesting is that it cured all my diseases as well.  I didn't think v…