Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's this? Another comic?

Yeah, I've calmed down now. No more ranting. So here's a comic for you to enjoy, and it will probably be the last one this week considering I don't have any other ideas right now. This small 4-panel idea came from a conversation I had at work the other day with Marcus -- and it's about as close as I'll *EVER* get to making a political statement.

Counter-Struck! 008!

I've got my bitch stick...

...and I'm ready to use it.

First off, I'm typically not a prejudiced individual, but I'm beginning to have a very, very strong dislike of stupid people. I almost murdered three today. Maybe four. Hell, I almost wiped out a whole herd of them on the drive home from work. It seems like they're surrounding me more and more lately. And what's worse is that you can't get away from them. No matter what you do, they drag you down with them and all you can do is swear violently while it happens.

Want details? I'll give a few, but most I'm going to skip because I'm sure at least a FEW people I work with do actually read my blog.

Anyway, traffic was a fucking bitch today. It would stop at certain points for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. And naturally, this happens on the day when I want to get through with my drive as quickly as humanly possible. Fuck you, karma.

Now, on to my rant about ice cream. Yes, ice cream. I wanted a fucking milkshake this evening. There's a Rita's opening up near where I live. Now, keep in mind they bought this building BEFORE WINTER. Also keep in mind that before they bought it, the building ALREADY WAS an ice cream shop. Also keep in mind that the sign in front of the store has said OPENING SOON for months.

So, given that information, and given that this past weekend was Memorial Day and would have been the perfect weekend for a grand opening where they would have had TONS of customers since it was A.) a holiday and B.) SUPER HOT.

So are they open. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


So, they're not open. Ah well, we just decided we'll go to the little place right in my town. No problem.

Yeah, not open.

So I came home and made myself a glass of ovaltine. I feel like I went out to find sex and had to come home and masturbate. Same fucking principle.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Double your pleasure!

I have two lovely things to show you.

First off....Counter-Struck! is back! Yes, I know it's been a few weeks. Sue me. But enjoy ISSUE 005.

Next, some Garry's Moddage for your entertainment. Here.

They're gifts that keep on giving.

Slap me some skin

A new look and sound for my gun (formerly CM's gun).

Sunday, May 21, 2006

No more Starfuck?

A few years ago, a software protection company developed a piece of software called Starforce to combat computer game piracy. The software is an extremely advanced anti-copy, anti-piracy, anti-everything protection program that pretty much takes over your computer once you put a game disc into your optical drive.

The software does the following: Renders any copies you make of the disc useless and will not allow you to run the game without having the original disc installed. Those two things are the two points that the company SAYS the software does. Here's a list of the tasks the program does that aren't listed by said company: Forces you to reboot your computer at least once, installs malware and spyware on your pc, damages your disc drive, corrupts your system registry, will not allow you to play the game you paid for even if you have the original disk in your drive.

Needless to say, the gaming community is not a big fan of Starfuck. And now, it seems, neither are the game developers. It was just announced that a bunch of gaming companies are going to stop using the program in favor of other protection software. Yay!

The only thing anti-piracy software like Starfuck accomplishes is creating more software pirates due to the irritations caused by having to deal with the annoyance. They fail.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shit with a charge of neutral...

Ever have one of those days where there was nothing that went particularly wrong, but nothing seemed to go exactly the way you wanted it to either? That was my day today, and to me it feels like I should have just stayed in bed because the day was a total waste of my time.

This uselessness seems to have followed me home too, because I just downloaded a program and its not even the program it was supposed to be. Rawr!

I'll be under my bed if you need me.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

No more SiN

Heh, I like ironic titles. Anyway, I finished Episode 01 of SiN, and it was de-lovely. The Source engine has never looked better, especially with the resolution cranked up as high as the game would let me. I also enjoy the fact that the game chooses the best video settings based on your computer's hardware. When I went into the settings to adjust them manually, the game had them all already cranked up as high as they would go. Mwa-hahahahaha.

The last quarter of this game was insanity -- I've never seen such large-scale gun-fights before. My favorite gun was probably the shotgun, just for the alternate fire. Gotta love the little exploding blue chips of death. The incindery grenades were also quite enjoyable, and a laughed as the bad guys screamed, "AAAH! I'm on fire! It burns! AAAAH!"

Naturally, since this is just the first of an episodic release schedule, the game ended on a cliffhanger, and also provided scenes of what was to come in the next episode. I'm looking forward to it. (If only to see if they dress Alexis even MORE scantily clad.)

Heel! Good boy...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sign of the Times

I remember back when I was a kid, I would see displays in the supermarket for powdered drink mixes. The slogan was always, "Just add water!"

Now that Americans never go anywhere without their trusty bottle of spring water, the market for powdered drink mixes have changed with the times. The slogans now read: "Just add to water!"

The evolution amuses me.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Mmmm, naked rendering......

I never played the original SiN. It came out about 2 months before I started playing PC games seriously, circa 1998. It was immediately followed by Half-Life, and as a result the game is hardly remembered at all, being almost totally eclipsed by the gaming-gasm that was HL.

But now, SiN is back. And in a nice twist of irony, it's using the Source engine -- the same exact engine that powers Half-Life 2. This time around, Half-Life isn't killing SiN. It's helping make it one hell of a great FPS.

Contrary to what the above screenshot may suggest, no, this isn't a porno. That chick is from a weird vision the main character has near the beginning of the game. A weird....beautifully rendered.....sexually

I'll BRB.........

Monday, May 08, 2006

Delays Likely?

I laugh at road work signs. Especially the ones that read, "Road Work Ahead. Delays Likely."

Delays likely? Likely?? Let's see....for a moment we'll pretend that I'm the only person on the road, and that traffic doesn't exist. Kay? You're taking the 65 MPH speed limit down to 40 MPH. Sooooooo, unless you are encouraging me to break the law by speeding in a fucking construction zone, I would think that delays are fucking GUARANTEED. Last time I looked, it takes longer to get from point A to point B going 40 MPH instead of 65.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Preloading is fun...

Unlike other game developers attempts at anti-piracy, Valve's rendition actually gives something back to the gamer. Instead of resorting to using something like Starforce, which tends to prevent you from playing a game even if you BOUGHT the fucking thing (Thanks, BiA!, nothing but love for you mother fuckers!), Valve developed Steam.

While I'll admit that Steam is MOSTLY annoying, there's one feature that I've recently fell in love with -- the preloading feature. My copy of SiN Episodes: Emergence just finished preloading. Which means the game is on my hard drive as we speak, and I will be able to play it on midnight of the release date if I so choose. I enjoy this.

Now I get to preload Half-Life 2: Episode 1.

Friday, May 05, 2006

I need Life-Alert.......for my car

One of these days, I'm going to be left stranded somewhere.

About 2 or 3 years ago (on my birthday, of course), I was fueling up at a gas station. When I got back into my car, the key wouldn't turn. I had to have it towed back to my brother's shop, and we found out that the ignition cylinder broke and needed to be replaced. Thankfully, my car was still under warranty at the time, and I got it fixed at the dealer for nothing.

Methinks the same thing is beginning to happen again. Last Saturday, early in the morning, I was about to drive up to Denny's to have breakfast with 3 co-workers. Key wouldn't turn the first time, but it then was fine after I removed the key and then tried again. It was fine since then.

Next, yesterday, as I left work, it happened again. This time it took me a good 5 minutes of pissing around with it before I finally got the key to turn. I had to go shopping afterwards, so to avoid getting stranded at the mall I just left my car running while I went inside. LOL. But, when I got home, I tried the key 6 times and it was fine, and it has been fine since then (knock on wood).

But I'm sure, one of these days, it's going to break and break for good, and I'm going to be stranded. Yay.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The End of Condemned

Finally got around to finishing this game tonight, and the ending wasn't actually that bad. I expected something stupid, since this is a horror game afterall. And for the most part, I wasn't disappointed. But, at least they gave me a CHOICE at the end, which is something not enough games provide.

As for the scare factor, let's just say that the final thing I had to fight was about a 10 on the Undies-Soil-ometer. I enjoyed ripping off his jaw.

Computer Failure

I typically have pretty good luck with computers. Today, apparently, was not typical. Luckily though, at least for me, it wasn't MY computer that I broke.

So I'm at work, and one of my fellow peasants is having problems with something not pasting into out system correctly. Nothing new there, some of the shit we get from our customers really sucks ass. Anyway, I go over to help him out, and I figure out a way to get the text to paste properly. Sadly, the portion of text was too large for our little program called "Copy Table Text" to handle, so I had to break it into two parts. When I took the first part of the text into this program and clicked "Full Preview", the video card on the computer DIED.

It was quite the entertaining experience. The resolution was cranked down by Windows to 8 colors/640x480. Rebooting brought it back to normal, but it would fuck over again once you did ANYTHING. (Fade to black, colors everywhere, then fucked up resolution.)

Fried the video card with the CLICK OF A BUTTON! Talent....


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