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I'm not Bright and Shiny, either.

The blog is an interesting medium. You read them online, and the authors share with you their struggles and their ordeals, and they probably don't even know you. Or, at the very least have never met you before. I've always avoided doing that, as anyone who reads my blog is probably aware. I do share my experiences, but typically they are humorous stories or something that's just interesting to talk about. Other times I'm sharing things I've created or seen, or showing off a new game I'm playing which is an outlet for wanting to talk about things that interest me.

But, I think the desire to blog about one's troubles is healthy in a way. I myself have found comfort in writing about what's bothering me. Somewhere on my computer's hard drive is a Word document. Anytime I would feel depressed, angry, upset, or had something troubling me, I would write about it in that document.

Every so often, I would open up this Word document and add to it. Th…

I give you Rapture

I picked up Bioshock yesterday, and just played a little bit of it right now. Impressive. The story is, your plane crashed over the ocean, and you discover an elevator that takes you down to the bottom of the ocean where a huge city exists. And naturally, since this is a computer game, as soon as your elevator stops at the bottom, you witness some monster disemboweling someone through the foggy glass. And then the door opens, and you're on your own. Woot!

More to come later.

Lunch Visuals

Every once in a while, an opportunity so golden drops into your lap that you can't help but cash in on it.

Case in point: I got back from lunch today, and my voicemail light was blinking on my phone. It was on of my workers that works the evening shift, and she was calling off. In her words, "Something I ate didn't agree with me, and I'm constantly running to the bathroom."

So, I walk over to my boss' office to tell him that I will be unable to give him an update on this one item (because this person is working on that particular item, and obviously I can't get a status report with her not here). That's all I planned to say, until I saw that my boss was having his lunch right at that moment, and was taking his first bite out of a sandwich.

"Barbara called off, she's got the shits!" I exclaimed.

My boss looked at me. Then looked at his sandwich. Then replied, "Thank you. Thank you very much."

Ahhh. Golden.

Gaming Goodness Once Again

It looks like that time has nearly come.

For the last...oh, I'd say a year a least...there's been kind of a dry spell in awesome games. Thus my complete immersion in World of Warcraft. Other games have come out, but they haven't been good enough to pull me away from that.

However, I believe the games that promise to do that are actually starting to be released. Bioshock is out, and it's supposed to be fantastic. Half-Life 2: Episode 2 has been released, along with Portal and Team Fortress 2. Both games have been rated 94% by PC Gamer.

And these are only the start of them. It's good timing too, I think. The next WoW expansion has been announced, and as I feared, Blizzard doesn't care how much progression you made over these last several months. You're starting over, picking up greens from trash. No thanks. Been there, did that, didn't like it, was happy to be done with it. Not doing it again.

I'm going shopping tomorrow for both HL2 and Bi…