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My Favorite Friday Kills

One of my Christmas presents this year was the Friday the 13th collectors box set, containing the first 8 films. Watching these films again has inspired me to create two lists. The first will be my Top 5 favorite deaths of Jason Voorhees. The second will be my Top 10 favorite kills of Friday the 13th (not Jason only since he's not always the killer). Enjoy!

PD's Top 5 Deaths of Jason Voorhees

5. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
Watching Jason get dragged down into Hell was rather cool to watch.

4. Friday the 13th Part 2
Slow motion machete into the shoulder. You know that had to hurt.

3. Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives
Ok, the boat propeller to the neck would have certainly been less entertaining if it weren't for the sound effects and the huge chunks of flesh mixed in with the blood. This was glorious.

2. Friday the 13th Part 3
The death that gave him that trademark axe-hole in the upper right corner of his mask. The sound effect on this was perfect, and oh-s…

And the word of the day is...

cyn i cal [sin-i-kuhl]
- adjective
1. like or characteristic of a cynic; distrusting or disparaging the motives of others.
2. showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality by one's actions, esp. by actions that exploit the scruples of others.
3. bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.

Interesting word. I think it's no secret that I tend to have a cynical side to my personality that rears its ugly head from time to time. Generally, I don't trust others. You have to earn it. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm disparaging, but maybe sometimes when I don't particularly like you. Heh. The second definition is probably furthest from myself. Sadly, I'm quite incapable of lying about anything, which actually causes problems for me at times. (Honest to a fault, as some would say.) This leads me to tell people what I think of them when I'd be better off just keeping my mouth shut.

Now that third definition is just me…

An Inconvenience?

So we're right smack in the middle of the holidays. Christmas is over, New Year's is next week. Around 9:00 PM on Christmas Night, my Dad says to me, "Seems like an awful lot of work for just a few hours."

That's quite true. And while I enjoy the holiday season, as I'm sure many people do, I can't help but consider a lot of it to be an inconvenience. I'm the kind of person who creates a schedule that I follow. That's not to say that I'm obsessive-compulsive about having to have my pens in a certain order, or counting the number of times my turn signal ticks before I can make a turn. But I like to have my life planned out to a certain extent, and the holidays just turn that whole thing upside-down for a week or two.

The actual day of Christmas was quite enjoyable for me this year, so if there was only a way to eliminate all that preparation that goes along with it, we'd be golden. But I digress.

The only other gripe I have about the hol…


My transition from primary DPS to a tank within World of Warcraft has been an interesting one for me, and as the year draws to a close I would like to share some little tidbits that have come to mind as I've made this choice to change.

The first part is the whole leadership thing. I really don't know how this whole thing started, but it's probably simply due to my personality. This isn't the first time I've displayed the qualities of a leader, or in some sense an organizer, so that really came as no surprise to me whatsoever.

This is apart from the RL status. While the tank playing the part of the Raid Leader is pretty common, the RL *not* being the tank is not UNcommon either. In 5-man instances, however, it seems quite prevalent that the tank is always the one marking the targets and performing the pulls. I've actually received shocked reactions from other players when I would be the one doing this in an instance. It never occurred to me why this was st…


For very bad things are about to happen.

Hehe. If you read LFG, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's good to have Richard back to normal.

Time Wasters

I like to be entertained, which I'm sure is true for a vast majority of people. I find that while my brain is occupied on something else, it's not prone to go wandering off on its own. This is why, for the longest time, I rarely slept at all. I would turn off the TV, lay in bed in silence, and never fall asleep. I would think, ideas ranging far and wide. And this would keep me awake all night long. I finally learned that if there was something to distract me, I could fall asleep very quickly. So now, for at least the last ten years or so, I always sleep with the TV on. I'm sure there are people out there who are exactly the opposite of me -- where if there's even the slightest bit of sound, they can't sleep. I'm sure my habit seems strange to some people.

In any case, I like to be entertained. When I'm at home, this is quite easily accomplished. Computer games are my preferred method of entertainment, along with movies, music, writing, and the occ…

Chinese Fortune Scavenger Hunt

"You are very expressive and positive in words, ct and feeling."


Can you guess what that's supposed to be? Curiosity got the best of me, so I googled the phrase on the hunch that somewhere on the internet, it would be spelled out correctly.

Turns out just a simple letter was missing -- it's ACT.

I Hate Reviews

So it's "performance review" time here at the office. It was bad enough when I had to fill mine out. But now that I'm a manager, I have to still fill mine out AND review the three people on my team. Fack!

This is the most pointless shit ever. I haven't gotten a damn thing done today because I've been working on this crap. I love the portions of this where it pretty much says "Make up a few paragraphs of nice things to say about your employee." Give me a fucking break. I haven't fired them yet so obviously they're of some use to me.

The 25 Most Shocking Moments in Gaming

I've seen countless lists such of these for movies and the like, so I thought it was time someone created one for gaming. So allow me to present my list of the 25 Most Shocking Moments in Gaming:

25. Super Mario Bros.
"Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle."

24. Grand Theft Auto
Three words: Hot Coffee Mod

23. Brothers In Arms
The opening battle, comparable to the beginning of Saving Private Ryan in it's brutality. I still remember the look on the face of the solider who wore glasses. One minute, standing right in front of me. The next, dead and bloody at my feet.

22. Red Faction
Wait, I can shoot through walls? SWEET!

21. Hellgate: London
Destroying a rift and fighting the demon that appears in it's place, only to be blind-sided by 20 more just like it and dying a glorious death. Utter brilliance.

20. Counter-Strike
This one is completely personal. I'm playing "The Black Level" with CM -- no light, walls are black, o…

Hellgate: London

First off, Best Buy can suck it. I really hoped the games I ordered would have arrived on THURSDAY, instead of today, so I could have actually played them all weekend. But anyway...

I picked Hellgate: London first, mostly because I've been dying to play a new RPG. So far, I haven't been disappointed. Ironically, most of the controls are identical to WoW, so I had no learning curve whatsoever.

I picked the Blademaster as my class of choice, since along with wanting to play a new RPG I've been wanting to also play something melee.

So right now I'm the proud owner of a level 4 Blademaster, and I'm questing my way through the demon infested streets of London. Let the screenshots speak for themselves:

The Greatest Shooter Ever Made

That's some declaration there, in that title. Some pretty big-ass declaration. For now, since I'm pretty damn tired right now, I'm only going to show you one screenshot. I want you to look at this very carefully, and remember that this is a computer game you're looking at. It's not a photograph. It's not a movie. This is a game, and that was rendered.

Honestly, I think it's even more jaw-dropping when you see it ALIVE, moving, and being able to immerse yourself in it. This is by far one of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

I'll post a more detailed review later. Stay tuned.

A picture says...

...ah, you know the rest. Check it out:

Yes. That's exactly what you think it is.

Full story.

Upcoming Playlist

It's the holiday season. I really like this time of year, though it really has nothing to do with the proverbial Christmas spirit or Goodwill Towards Men. Goodwill has never been a word I've voluntarily associated with myself, but that's an entirely different story.

No, I like this time of year because all the computer game publishers are releasing their prime titles so the average consumer will rush out and by them for their loved ones and place them under the tree. And I say let them do that. Meanwhile, I will be buying the games and playing them. Right now. It's like a month of Christmases.

So last night, I placed an order for a few games that I plan on playing over my upcoming four-day weekend. This will be my upcoming playlist:

I've actually already received my copy of this game, and I plan on finishing it this weekend along with playing the multi-player aspect. So far the game is AMAZING, and it truly has redefined how shooters should be made. I…

Ah yes, grinding

A lot of things about this one made me laugh. Comparing the most popular MMO to Tetris is hilarious in and of itself. The last line killed me as well. I'm so using that.

It's also funny because of it's truth, and this is exactly why there is a large number of people who will be quitting the game when the next expansion comes out. Including myself.
Yesterday I received my new computer. I refused to put myself through the torture of trying to get it all set up and running in an evening, because we all know that's not possible. So, it's still sitting in it's box waiting for the grand unveiling. That will take place on Saturday, most likely.

I did take out the binder of books and discs out of the box and read through some stuff, however. Apparently, I have my own specialized team of customer support representatives on hand to help me with any issues I may have. I have the names of about 10 people -- first and last names, and their position in the company. That's a neat idea, trying to make the customer feel special. I'm sure this group of people have hundreds of other people they are assigned to as well, but hey, at least I can use first names if I have to bitch at someone.

When I finally get down to setting this monster up, I'll see if I can remember to make a pictorial presentation for all to see.
So the current song that I'm listening to several times a day is "Bad Sun" by The Bravery. While the song itself sounds ridiculous most of the time (seriously, is that a Kazoo they're playing?), the lyrics are unique. I especially like the first few lines:

We are liars like the summertime.
Like the spring we are such fools.
Like fall we are false prophets.
And like winter we are cruel.

It's a Crysis

I think it's going to change the world, myself. At the very least, it's going to change the way games are made. I'm of course talking about Crysis, and it's only a few weeks away now.

I've seen the demos. I've watched the trailers. I have the screenshots. I've read the reviews. I've heard the hype. And I've never seen the entire gaming community agree on the kick-assedness of a game in this degree before. It's quite unprecedented, and I can't wait to find out for myself.

Skynet 2

[1] Area-51® 7500

Alienware P2 Chassis: Alienware® P2 Chassis with AlienIce™ 3.0 Video Cooling - Conspiracy Blue
System Lighting: Alienware® Standard System Lighting - Fusion Red
High-Performance Liquid Cooling: Alienware® Standard System Cooling
Power Supply: Alienware® 1000 Watt Multi-GPU Approved Power Supply
Graphics Processor: Dual Graphics Processors - Dual 768MB NVIDIA® GeForce™ 8800 Ultra - SLI Enabled
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme QX6850 3.0GHz 8MB Cache 1333MHz FSB
Memory: 4GB Low Latency DDR2 Performance SDRAM at 800MHz - 4 x 1024MB
Motherboard: Alienware® Approved NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI Motherboard
Operating System (Office software not included): Genuine Windows Vista™ Ultimate
Desktop Tuners and Remotes: Without Media Center Remote Control
System Drive: Extreme Performance (RAID 0) - 320GB (2 x 160GB) SATA 1.5Gb/s 10,000RPM 2 x 16MB Cache
Optical Drives : Single Drive Configuration - 20X Dual-Layer DVD±RW
Enthusiast Essentials: Dual High Performance Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Sound Car…

I Am A Sick Person

At least, according to this reporter, I am.

Soap box time.

Dear Terrence O'Brien,

It appears that your complaints about Manhunt 2 are being directed at the wrong people. Allow me to put you in your place. For starters, the people who play this game are not sick people. It's quite obvious that you're not a gamer, judging by the comments you're making. Said comments are actually quite ignorant, and I think it would have made yourself look a lot less stupid if you would have actually done your research and interviewed real gamers before writing your article.

Gamers play games for a number of reasons, but really it all boils down to wanting to immerse oneself in an entertaining and fantastical environment. To experience things that they will never get to experience in real life -- such as flying an airplane, driving a car at super high speeds, and yes, killing people.

I can't honestly see how you could come to the conclusion that I'm a sick person. I work for a s…

Ok, that's better...

So it came down to me emailing customer support because of this FTP issue. About 15 minutes after I sent it, my site stopped working entirely. Then I get a reply email that everything is fixed.


In any case, I can do this again:

Yeah, that's what's left of me...hehe.

Team Fortress 2

So I'm currently hooked on Team Fortress 2, now that I finally got my dumb internet security settings figured out (and can thus SEE the servers to play on them).

The game takes your standard Capture the Flag idea, and puts a lot of interesting twists on it. First of all, there's actually a class system in the game. This gives a lot of diversity and pretty much guarantees you'll find something that will match your play style. There are 9 classes in total, and I haven't had a chance to try out each one of them yet. But I will say that currently, I suck equally at all the ones I've tried.

That's ok though, because in this game it really doesn't matter if you suck. You're going to have fun regardless. This brings me to the next cool innovation they've done.

Unreal Tournament introduced us to the idea of the "dominating" announcement, and other such bonuses. You get a lot of kills, you get a bonus. That's standard deathmatch stuff. TF…

A Portal video

Ok, I've created a video of me running through a mid-level of Portal. Set to the tune of Map of the Problematique by Muse. Warning! This video is 17.8 MB, because I'm a video quality whore. It will take a while to download. But enjoy!

Now, keep in mind that since I've been through this level once before, I'm doing everything right in the game. You should have seen the first time I went through -- LOTS of trial and error. And dying. Much dying.

Portal Video

My Favorite Portal Quotes

But there's no sense crying over every mistake.
You just keep on trying 'til you run out of cake.

And remember, Aperture Science's take-your-daughter-to-work day is the perfect time to have your daughter tested.

Didn't we have some fun, though? Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said 'goodbye', and you were like 'no way'? And then I was all 'we pretended we were going to murder you'. That was great.

That thing you burnt up isn't important to me. Not any more. It's the Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit; it makes shoes for orphans. Nice job breaking it, hero.

The Enrichment Center is required to remind you that you will be baked, and then there will be cake.

Truth in Cartoons


Portal Defeated

Yes, I defeated Portal last night. This game was a hell of a lot of fun, and this was probably the most hilarious ending to a computer game EVER.

Imagine this: You just spend hours navigating your way through the grungy, decripit innards of a research facility -- most rooms of which are out of reach and require the use of the portal gun. Then you come face to face with the computer that tried to kill you, and you have to rip her apart and burn her chips and kill her. (A computer that had been saying throughout the entire game that she'd give you cake when you got to the end.)

Then this cut-scene plays.

I had to go and beat the last level again, because I was laughing too hard the first time to hear all of the song. Golden.

My RPG idea, revisited.

About a year ago, I spent a little time playing a browser based MMORPG called the Urban Dead. The premise was this: Something right out of a George Romero film happened in a big city, and most of the population was turned into zombies. The city was completely sealed off from the rest of the world by the government -- with zombies and survivors alike being trapped inside.

The gameplay was all text based, of course, given that it's all played within an internet browser.

"You shoot at the zombie and miss."
"The zombie bites you. You lose 10 health."

So while this game isn't exactly at the height of technology, the whole premise is what made me play it, and enjoy it for a while -- the idea of an MMORPG based on the premise of trying to survive in a city full of zombies. There are no MMORPG computer games out there with that premise.

Now, there *was* such a game in developement: City of the Dead, based on the George Romero universe. But, it's since been …

Half-Life 2: Episode 2

Let's get the most important thing out of the way first: This is one of the greatest games I've ever played.

Valve took the original structured idea they had for Episode 1, and used it to make a game that is definitely more well-designed and balanced that Episode 1 was. Along with that, they made it more emotional than any other Half-Life game up to this point. It's more exciting. It's more fun. And it makes you care about these characters more than ever before.

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. As always, if you plan on playing this game for yourself, do not read this post. I will be giving everything away.

The game starts out exactly where Episode 1 left off, and actually begins very similarly to how Episode 1 started -- your (as in you playing Gordon Freeman. "You" is easier to use when writing this) train crashed after City 17 disintegrated by the Citadel's explosion, and you're found by Alyx. She finds your gravity gun and use…

The Weighted Companion Cube

Hey, I thought it was funny...

This comic will make much more sense one I make another post about Portal. I'm just waiting until I get a bit further.


A few years ago, I saw a movie called Cube. It was simultaneously one of the stupidest movies I've ever seen, and one of the most intriguing. The premise of this movie reminds me very much of the newest game I'm playing, called Portal. Whereas, you're trapped in a rather plain square room, which may or may not contain traps, and you have to find a way out.

Portal, however, is much, much more fun than Cube was.

This game isn't your traditional first-person shooter. You don't have a gun. Actually, you don't have any kind of weapons. All you have is the ability to create portals, which I'll explain in a bit.

The game starts with you waking up on a table in some kind of a test lab. A robotic voice starts talking to you and telling you that you're a test subject, but doesn't give you any details as to the nature of the experiment. Then, a portal opens up in the wall, and you walk through it. The robotic voice then explains the idea of portals to yo…

THIS is why I'm excited.



Bored at Work

One disadvantage of being able to write long and complicated scripts, is that you have to sit and wait for these long and complicated scripts to execute. Which leads to me sitting here wishing I could be going home. Bah.

While I wait, I'll talk about Team Fortress 2 a little bit. I pre-ordered the game through Steam, and as such, I am able to actually play it already before it's release date on October 10th. It's a lot more tactical than I first expected. You have different classes you can play -- Heavies, Engineers, Scouts, Snipers, Medics, etc. And it's not your typical deathmatch or fragfest -- but more tactical and strategical. And it doesn't look like it would be much fun in say, 1v1, 2v2, or anything like that. The more people you have in the map, the more insane and fun it will become.

Now I just need to find about 9 other friends, and I'll be good to go.

Oh, you know damn well I'm doing this...



All right, I promised more Bioshock, and I shall deliver. This post shall be pictorial in nature.

The cut-scene after you first pick up a plasmid is really neat. Plasmids are genetic enhancements in the form of a syringe with which you inject yourself. This particular plasmid allows me to shoot electricity out of my hands.

The "Little Sisters" are quite morbid. This particular little girl is stabbing a corpse in the head with a large needle. The "Little Sisters" haven't been completely explained to me yet, but what I do know is that I can harvest "Adam" from them, which is a form of currency I can use to purchase upgrades for myself. And EVERYTHING in the game can be updated, from your weapons to your first aid kits.

And as I said, all the Little Sisters are protected by a Big Daddy, as pictured above. You want Adam, you gotta go through the Big Daddy to get it. And they're tough. But hey, you're a genetically enhanced human, there'…

I'm not Bright and Shiny, either.

The blog is an interesting medium. You read them online, and the authors share with you their struggles and their ordeals, and they probably don't even know you. Or, at the very least have never met you before. I've always avoided doing that, as anyone who reads my blog is probably aware. I do share my experiences, but typically they are humorous stories or something that's just interesting to talk about. Other times I'm sharing things I've created or seen, or showing off a new game I'm playing which is an outlet for wanting to talk about things that interest me.

But, I think the desire to blog about one's troubles is healthy in a way. I myself have found comfort in writing about what's bothering me. Somewhere on my computer's hard drive is a Word document. Anytime I would feel depressed, angry, upset, or had something troubling me, I would write about it in that document.

Every so often, I would open up this Word document and add to it. Th…

I give you Rapture

I picked up Bioshock yesterday, and just played a little bit of it right now. Impressive. The story is, your plane crashed over the ocean, and you discover an elevator that takes you down to the bottom of the ocean where a huge city exists. And naturally, since this is a computer game, as soon as your elevator stops at the bottom, you witness some monster disemboweling someone through the foggy glass. And then the door opens, and you're on your own. Woot!

More to come later.

Lunch Visuals

Every once in a while, an opportunity so golden drops into your lap that you can't help but cash in on it.

Case in point: I got back from lunch today, and my voicemail light was blinking on my phone. It was on of my workers that works the evening shift, and she was calling off. In her words, "Something I ate didn't agree with me, and I'm constantly running to the bathroom."

So, I walk over to my boss' office to tell him that I will be unable to give him an update on this one item (because this person is working on that particular item, and obviously I can't get a status report with her not here). That's all I planned to say, until I saw that my boss was having his lunch right at that moment, and was taking his first bite out of a sandwich.

"Barbara called off, she's got the shits!" I exclaimed.

My boss looked at me. Then looked at his sandwich. Then replied, "Thank you. Thank you very much."

Ahhh. Golden.

Gaming Goodness Once Again

It looks like that time has nearly come.

For the last...oh, I'd say a year a least...there's been kind of a dry spell in awesome games. Thus my complete immersion in World of Warcraft. Other games have come out, but they haven't been good enough to pull me away from that.

However, I believe the games that promise to do that are actually starting to be released. Bioshock is out, and it's supposed to be fantastic. Half-Life 2: Episode 2 has been released, along with Portal and Team Fortress 2. Both games have been rated 94% by PC Gamer.

And these are only the start of them. It's good timing too, I think. The next WoW expansion has been announced, and as I feared, Blizzard doesn't care how much progression you made over these last several months. You're starting over, picking up greens from trash. No thanks. Been there, did that, didn't like it, was happy to be done with it. Not doing it again.

I'm going shopping tomorrow for both HL2 and Bi…

The Greatest Game of Santa Balls Ever Played

Go ahead, try to beat it. I dare you.

Pictures from Copenhagen

As promised, here are the pictures I took during my trip to Copenhagen:

Center of the city. Watch out for cyclists, you'll get run over.

This is the office of the company I was visiting -- A.P. Moeller Maersk

New Harbor Road, at the canals.

I like how you can see the reflection of our boat in this building.

Tallest church tower in the city.

Nice view of the architecture here.

The canals.

One of the royal guards marching in front of the royal palace.

Cool fountain statue.

The Little Mermaid.