Wednesday, January 18, 2017

OC Height

I have always considered Ma'tiki, my Troll, to be above-average in height just like I am in real life.  He's always been sort of an extension of me, in a way, as original characters tend to be.  He's a better version of me who's smarter, kinder, and better.  And of course, in better physical shape, too.  Since I'm about seven inches taller than the average human, I consider Ma'tiki to be seven inches taller than the average Troll.  Now, it's sort of difficult to canonically determine the average height of a Troll male.  Some simple research on WoWwiki provides information gleaned from the World of Warcraft:  Official Beginner's Guide, and states that the average height of a Troll male is between 7' and 8'.  However, it also states that the average Tauren is between 9' and 10'.  This is a conflict in some regards, because in-game you can determine that when a male Troll is not slouching, they are taller than Tauren males.  So, one of these measurements is inaccurate.

I'm inclined to think that the 7' to 8' measurements for Trolls is correct, which would put Tauren at 7.5' to 8' thereabouts.  This is, of course, open to conjecture.  I've come to this conclusion for a few reasons.  One, I have seen corroborating height charts, such as this one, which supports shorter Tauren.  Second, 10' is really, really freaking huge!  In-game, it just doesn't make sense for them to be that tall when you see them next to the other races.  This could be a gameplay mechanics choice, but since I'm only using these measurements to determine the height of an OC, I think it's fine to use this information and make these assumptions.

So, going with an average height of 7' for male Trolls, that means that Ma'tiki is 7'7.  Slouched.  Standing up straight, which I consider him to be doing quite a lot of the time, he's an insane 9'.  This is assuming that they gain a foot and a half when standing up straight.  This is supported by the previous image that I linked.  In looking at their in-game models, it seems like a pretty safe assumption.  They are slouched over quite severely in their idle stance, and gain what looks like a considerable amount of height when they do their little shoulder roll animation.  This is what he would look like standing next to my puny 6'1 frame.  It's easy to forget that when I imagine him in my head.

Going by this information, it's easy to determine his weight by using one of those "ideal weight calculators" that gives you an ideal weight based upon your height.  Using nine feet, Ma'tiki's ideal weight would fall somewhere around 350 pounds.  I think for him, I would bump that up to between 360 and 370 pounds, to take muscle mass into consideration.  While he's not an active warrior any longer, he's still very active and regularly trains himself physically.  Adding an extra 10-20 pounds is probably on the conservative side, but it feels right to me.

So there you have it.  I'm really not sure what prompted me to do this little bit of research.  I suppose I just had the inspiration to talk about Ma'tiki a little bit.  Leave it to him to finally break my 6-month long dry spell on blog posts.  Thanks, buddy.  


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