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Re: A Step Above Mediocrity

I'd like to point out that Steve stole the majority of my kills. The git. And I pulled off some -epic- arrows. I'm not sure how I do that... Either luck or skill. Maybe both.

A Step Above Mediocrity

John and I played a rather nasty game of League of Legends yesterday, and it sort of stuck out to me among the several games we've played over the last couple of days.  To start out with, even though I've probably now played enough games to be considered a level 30 player (if you combine both my EU and US accounts), I don't really consider myself to be an excellent level 30 player.  "Sometimes rather good" is more the term I would use to describe myself.  The reasons for this don't particularly matter for the topic of this post, so I won't get into that now.  I'm here to describe this one particular game and why I think it's significant enough to talk about.

First and foremost, it was apparent to me that the team was either comprised of at least two to three individuals who where "together" (meaning they were probably friends in real life and had voice chat going on), or they were just a handful of very, very good players.  More on that…

A quick peek into how my mind doesn't work

Hi there! I'm John. You may know me from PD's previous posts. If you do, then you probably know that I'm a lunatic. If not, now you do know. Anyway! Steve made me a contributor to The PD Chronicles, so here I am contributing. I thought I'd start by talking about the game that got me and Steve together; World of Warcraft. Specifically, a raid instance in World of Warcraft. MORE specifically, a boss in World of Warcraft.
I hate this boss.
Now, if you're not familiar with how this boss works, he basically hits you with a bunch of abilities that instantly kill you. Thankfully, you have protection from being killed as long as you're above 10'000 health (a trivial amount compared to your maximum health) and as such the healers don't have to heal people above 10'000. This is made up for in the fact that Chimaeron uses these abilities very, very often. You have a few seconds to heal someone up to 10'000 health before they may get hit by another …

Warm and Fuzzy!

I like Valve.  I trust Valve!  So when I learned that DotA 2 would be Valve's first foray into not only the MOBA genre, but also the FANTASY genre, I wasn't concerned.  I had faith they would do it right.

That faith was reassured when I started reading the DotA 2 blog today.  This is because Valve *gets* gamers.  They just know them.  Pure and simple.  This was obvious when I read the FAQ.  One of the questions someone sent in was if they would support someone in the U.S. playing the game with someone in Europe.  Their answer?  "You'll be able to play with anyone.  Anywhere.  Anytime."


O - pin - ion

Before I start, I should mention that this post is actually written tongue-in-cheek.  It's so hard to make that apparent through text, so please try to imagine me writing this with a big toothy grin on my face while sipping on a cup of tea.  I'm exaggerating a lot, definitely being over-dramatic, and basically just having fun with this.  That said, enjoy!

If there is one incredibly bad thing the Internet has helped create, it's a complete and utter misunderstanding of what an opinion really is.  It's not all the Internet's fault, mind you.  I honestly place most of the blame on bad parenting, but that's a completely different topic.

So lest we forget, here is the definition of opinion:

o·pin·ion [uh-pin-yuhn] –noun1.abelieforjudgmentthat


The patch notes for version 1.6 of Minecraft are out, and it's quite the extensive list.  However, I need to only point out one change:

Added nether support to multi-playerOMFG!  Finally!

There's a bunch of other cool things in there too.  PC Gamer did a nice article on it.

There was another rather interesting article at PC Gamer this morning, too, regarding League of Legends.  They wrote a very nice beginner's guide to the game.  I read through it, and since I've been playing the game for a while now, there was nothing in there that I didn't already know.  But it would be a HUGELY useful collection of information for someone just starting out.  Due to how much one person can affect the outcome of a match in MOBA games, the community is severely unforgiving.  If you don't know what you're doing, you're going to get harassed and flamed.  I can see this article helping to educate new players so that they might avoid most of that negativity, and don't p…

I'm Still Picking Dirt Out of My Fingernails

It was a nice day yesterday.  This was a monumental occasion, because it feels like it's been raining for the past 40 days.

(The irony of this is NOT lost on me, by the way.  I find it utterly, UTTERLY hilarious that our first nice day in what seemed like forever, where the birds were singing, the sun was shining, and the world was beautiful, just HAPPENED to be the day after the world was supposed to end, according to the bible thumpers.  I fucking love it.)

Back on topic, since it was a nice day I decided to go out and do some planting. Four of our large flower beds were already weeded by my Dad, so I didn't have much else to do in those aside from putting in the actual flowers.  That didn't take me long at all.  Planted them, applied the Preen, watered, done.

The other two beds were a bit more problematic, as they haven't yet been touched by anyone this year.  Which means, of course, that it was the equivalent of traversing through the Amazon rainforest.  I'm …

Damned Slacker!

It's funny, but I seem to be The Anti-Slacker.  That's not intended to mean that I'm not a slacker -- because trust me, I most certainly am -- but instead it's intended to mean that lately I've been slacking in the strangest of ways.

More to the point, I haven't been slacking at work.  (Oh the irony, since I'm typing this at work.  I'M ON BREAK, OKAY?  JEEZ.)  Anywho, I've instead been slacking in regards to the increasingly disturbing number of games piling up in my to-play bin.  So that's pretty funny -- my procrastination is harbored within my free-time activities.  How bizarre.

The main reason for this is the fact that I've been catching up on Season 7 of Grey's Anatomy.  That ended last night, because I'm now annoyed with the show.  (April is chief resident now?  Really?  Fuck that!)

Okay, back to the games.

I have started The Witcher 2.  I'll write a proper post about it once I get a bit deeper into it.  (Herp.)  So far, t…


I noticed several of these little bastards crawling around on my floor last night.  (I promptly murdered them by crushing their little heads.)  If I had to guess, I'm thinking they're in my basement because of how much bloody rain we've gotten this month.  It so freaking wet outside they have no where to go.

So tonight, I'll be stopping by the store to get a few packages of ant traps to lay about in strategical positions on my floor.  I have no desire for this to become anything close to an infestation.

This is a Neo-St. Valentine's Massacre

On my way to work this morning, as I was listening to the radio I heard a bit of crackling in my speakers.  Obviously this was a concern, because listening to the radio on the way to work is what keeps me sane through the entire 40 minute drive.  (Or 60 minutes.  Or 75 minutes.  Or 120 minutes.  Depends on the fucking traffic with all the fucking road construction, and also on the fucking Stupidity Level of the human race.)

So, utilizing classic troubleshooting steps, I went about to figure out what was going on.  First step:  Isolate the problem.  The first thing I did was turn off my radio and listen.  Best to confirm that the cracking I was hearing was indeed coming from my speakers, and not my car falling apart.  Since that would be bad.

I didn't hear it with the radio off, and I began hearing it again almost immediately upon turning it back on.  So it was definitely coming from my speakers.  Bollocks.

I listen to the radio very loudly at times, so I assumed that I probably…

Hey PD! What race are you going to play in Guild Wars 2?

Charr.  Duh.

Planting Time!

Today, I went out and purchased a bunch of things I would need for this year's planting season, to include the actual plants I intend to grow.  In regards to flowers, I won't need as many annuals this year as I usually do, because of all the bulbs I planted last year.  Surprisingly, almost all of the gladiolus are coming back up.  That's pretty damned cool. 

So anyway, in the way of flowers, I got three different kinds and that should be enough to fill out all the space I have.  One flat of impatiens, one flat of petunias, and one flat of marigolds. 

In addition to all of this, I also purchased some bamboo stakes to use when the gladiolus get too tall for their own good.  Also, I got a strawberry plant, some pepper plants, and a few tomato plants.  I may not like to eat vegetables, but I certainly do enjoy growing them.  Now playing:The Fray - Happiness


I have borderline apiphobia, which is a fear of bees.  I say “borderline” because I don't actually have an irrational fear of them.  I just hate the mean little fuckers. 

This exceptional hatred comes from past experiences, and I'm pretty sure they're all out of get me.  Let's summarize my traumatic experiences with bees over the course of my life:While I was swimming one day, a bee hid in my towel.  Worst after-pool surprise ever.
One early morning while I was still sleeping, a bee crawled into bed with me.  What…the…FUCK. 
One day I walked into a barn and a bumblebee attached itself to my back, stinging me over and over again until I reached back, grabbed it off of me, and threw it.These are only the most traumatic examples.  I've been stung many other times, and I think it's quite obvious that they're all out to get me.  And I now have another one to add to this list.

Fifteen minutes ago, I took a shower.  I got out of the shower.  I stepped out onto the b…

Damn you, Murphy!

Okay, so I've been known to make mistakes.  I've also been known to sometimes make bad assumptions.  Thinking that Brink would be good is apparently one of them. 

First of all, I will admit that I've played a total of 18 minutes of the game.  I'm quite aware that 18 minutes is hardly enough time to warrant a justified opinion on the quality of the game.  Sadly, I was so fucking bored after those 18 minutes that I couldn't fucking stand it any more! 

Part of the problem is me.  See, I should have done my research a little better on this one.  I don't like tactical shooters.  I played a lot of Counter-Strike, but that's as advanced as I'm willing to get into that sub-genre.  Modern Warfare can lick my balls.  My kind of shooters are Half-Life 2, Painkiller, Serious Sam, etc.  No tactical planning is needed.  You just fucking shoot things.  Yes, please. 

So yes, I take full responsibility for not realizing that Brink is a tactical shooter at its core.  You…

Dungeon Siege III

Dungeon Siege II was my first foray into the RPG genre.  I still remember my hesitation.  "Swords and sorcery?  Why the hell would I enjoy that?"

Okay, so I was young and stupid.  Sue me.

So for me, the Dungeon Siege series will always hold a special place in my heart, because it introduced me to a whole new world of gaming.  There are so many aspects of an RPG game that I take for granted these days, it's actually kind of sad.  I remember being utterly fascinated by how HUGE the world of Dungeon Siege was, and how much detail every little item had.  It's hard to still be amazed by that kind of thing, because I've seen it so many times now.

So now, Dungeon Siege III is on the horizon, and it contains what has become for me the most important feature a PC game could have -- co-op multiplay.

Lewis (from the Yogscast) linked a short video trailer for the co-op portion of the game.  View it here.  Obviously this doesn't show you any mechanics or stuff like that…

Trending Technology

Several years ago, when I first looked into purchasing my own website, there were so many uses I had in my mind that I could get out of the investment.  First and foremost, of course, was the fact that I could have my own webpage or webpages.  At the time, I'd been using free sites such as Geocities and Tripod, and I was rather sick of how many ads you had to deal with.  (It was all free, after all, so of course you'd have more ads than a pre-Thanksgiving Sunday newspaper.

It was after I set everything up that I realized just how much I could do.  Sitting here today, I realize that now NONE of these other things are true.  The technology of the internet has changed, and owning your own web domain doesn't pack the same punch as it used to.  For example:

This very blog used to be hosted on my own webspace.  No longer, because Blogger added additional functionality and ease-of-use...BUT only if you host the blog in their own space.  And it's free.
I used to upload any video…

The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday, I was coughing so badly I honestly began to think I may have something more than just a cold.  Bronchitis, perhaps.  I got about 2, maybe 3 hours of sleep last night, because the coughing was keeping me awake.

But this morning, aside from being EXTREMELY tired, I don't feel all that bad.  I haven't coughed once since I woke up this morning.  I certainly hope it stays that way!


This is going to be more of a reference for myself, but I needed to post it somewhere and I figured it would be interesting to some people.  Basically, I need an accent for my Tauren, and I've decided to give him a dialect similar to what you'd hear in northern Maine.  (Heavy New England accent, so to speak.)

So what I've started doing is compiling a list of common words that someone from Maine would pronounce just a little bit different.  

And = An'Lots of = LottaYes = AyuhOf = O'Yeah = YuhTo = TaFair = Fay-yuhIdiot = IjitNext, I've compiled a list of common words that they tend to throw into their sentences.  In some cases, I've provided the more common word or phrase in parenthesis.  Most of these I'd only use occasionally, as I wouldn't want someone to be completely unable to understand what my character is saying.

AhY'knowBulkie (sandwich)Flatlander (foreigner)Gawmy (awkward)Middly (average)Notional (stubborn)Spleeny (overly sensitive)Finest …