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I'm confused. This was an ad on a website I was reading. Just a simple Google-sense ad. But wtf. It states "create Hollywood-style special effects!"......yet it has a picture of an anime character on it.

I had a Fonzie moment...

I went upstairs for dinner, and was filling up my plate when the red light went out on the stove. This stove is a GE electric stove, and is quite old. Prolly around 25-30 years old, as a matter of fact. Anyway, this red light does nothing more than inform you that one of the burners is on. My Mom goes, "Hey, what happened to the light?"

I then proceeded to smack the countertop with my fist, and the light came back on. I felt quite Fonz-like.

The Birds......part 2

Remember the story about the bird that nearly flew threw the windshield?

This morning, I was headed home with my Mom. She was driving. We're almost home, and there are these two large black birds on the road. They flew to the right, away from us, as we approached. Remembering the experience a few weeks ago, I yelled loudly in mimic of the way she reacted to that said bird. This, of course, scared the shit out of her and she screamed as well. Which was quite funny in itself. But, then one of the bird made a u-turn and flew in front of us, and she screams again. THAT was just hilarious.

Please leave a donation...

I donated blood today. I've done so a million times before and it's never that big of a deal. They threw me a curve today, however.

"Would you like do the red cell plasma donation?"

Excuse me?

I've never donated anything other than whole blood, so I had no idea what she was talking about. I found out that they simply separate the red blood cells and plasma out of your blood as you donate, and put the rest back into your body along with a nutrient solution. It was actually kind of neat, because the fluids going back into my body were below room temperature, so I felt all cold on the INSIDE. I've never felt anything quite like it before.

I kinda wish they would have told me it took twice as long though. =/

Adventures with the Stupid

Common theme it seems. I typed in that title and it's on autocomplete. Golden!

Anyway, I had to stop and get a gallon of milk after the visit to the nursing home this evening. Sadly, the GOOD supermarket in my town closes pretty early in the evening, so I was forced to go to this crappy convenience store over a few streets. I hate this place because it seems to attract all the trash in a 30 mile radius. Tonight was no exception.

I knew I was in for an adventure when it took me 5 minutes to find a jug of milk that didn't expire TOMORROW. Finally, I find an August 11th one, and I make my way to the counter. I should note that my sister was with me here. Now, I get to the counter and there's this little skinny old-ish man buying cigarettes. My sister goes over the magazine rack, and I wait in line. The man starts talking, and it's not coherent. I soon realize that this guy is thoroughly intoxicated. After paying and mumbling something about gas money, he turns …