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As with most liberal minded Americans, the national news has been one constant horror show ever since the orange baboon was sworn into office.  Never in my life has my president so reviled and disgusted me.  Sure, I hated George W. Bush's policies -- most of them, anyway -- but with that did not come the revulsion for his person that I get when I think of the Cheeto Nazi.  I can't even use his real name.  My fingers forbid me from typing it out.

This has left me with a constant sensation of helplessness.  What am I to do?  I didn't vote for him, yet now he's in power. I didn't vote to give the majority of congress to the conservatives, yet now they have it.  I contacted my representatives and told them that I did not want them to vote for the president's appointments, but it didn't matter because even if they listen to me, they still don't have the majority and thus are powerless to stop any of these confirmations.  And every time I see a bit of politic…