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No, not a male demon.

Incubus is my favorite rock band.  To anyone who knows me, assuming they know that my taste in music is just about as varied as you can get, those words will make them perk up their ears and take notice.  They will say, "Wat?  He has a favorite band?  They must be fucking brilliant, then."

The truth is, yes, they most certainly are.  And today they have firmly re-established and strengthened that fact in the form of a brand new song that physically makes me shiver.  Do you ever get that feeling?  You listen to a song, and suddenly you have goosebumps.  Man, I love when that happens.

Before I get to the new song, though, let me first explain the reasons why they are my favorite.  It all started in 1999 with the release of an album called "Make Yourself".  I listened to this album, and I realized something unprecedented.  I fucking loved 12 of the 13 songs on the album.  That never happens.  NEVER.  2-3 is normal.  4-5 is really good.  But 12?…

For Science!

I have a desire to make a blog post, but I really don't have anything interesting to say.  But, I will attempt to make this post as non-boring as possible.

For starters, John and I finished the co-op campaign in Portal 2.  The entire co-op campaign was thoroughly enjoyable.  It was clever and funny in all the right ways, and the ending was very satisfying.  Valve did an exceptional job at making the two robots extremely expression through their physical animations and simple robot noises.  They stated in an interview that it was a conscious decision to make them mute -- otherwise, they would interfere with the two players talking to each other as they were figuring out the puzzles.  That is an excellent point.  The game requires you to talk to your co-op partner, otherwise you just won't get anywhere.

The song at the end of the co-op campaign is called "Robots FTW", and it's just a brilliant tune.  I highly recommend you look it up on YouTube if you haven't…

Oh Look, Ramblings

It's Good Friday, and while I don't get the day off, a lot of the customers I have do.  This equates to one of those days at the office where it's not incredibly busy, and I therefore actually have the time to make a proper post.  (As opposed to the two very short posts I've made recently, which were the the only ones I've posted in quite some time.)  This will finally allow me to properly talk about what's been going on with me lately.

First and foremost, John was here for a visit over the past week and a half.  It was the best week and a half I've ever had, and I was sad to see him go back home.  This was his first time in America, and I did feel kind of bad that he really didn't get to see very much.  We only went out twice, so he just got to see the surrounding area where I live.  The next time he visits, I'll be sure to actually take him places.  At the very least, I'll show him Pittsburgh.  (Probably a lot of it, since I will most certain…

That's a Three-Star Offense

In the time leading up to the release of Portal 2, and also last night after I finished the single-player portion of Portal 2, I've been replaying Grand Theft Auto IV.  Controversial content aside, the game is brilliant, as I've said before, but that's not really the point of my post here.  I just have an amusing tale to share.

First allow me to explain the "Wanted" system in GTA.  If you do something wrong and a cop sees you, you'll be "wanted" by the police.  It ranges from one star (not very wanted) to five stars (they'll send the militia after your ass).  You lose your wanted level by getting your car painted a different color, sleeping in your safehouse, or simply outrunning the cops.  Depending on your wanted level, you'll either get a cop car chasing you (one star) all the way up to a tank and helicopters (five stars).

That being said, on my way to work this morning there was some road work.  (Big fucking surprise there.)  Before th…

Your Opinion Sucks

Portal 2 is awesome, and if you don't like it you are a fucking idiot.

Bitch, Now I'm Deaf!

Sometimes there's a new song that comes out, and I like it so much that I really can't wait until the album is released or the single is available on iTunes.  When this happens, my only option is to download the song from YouTube until I can get a better version of the song.

This isn't a big deal, because I have a nice little application that can download YouTube videos as an MP3 that I can then add to my playlists, etc.  The only problem that sometimes occurs is the fact that the quality might not be all that great.  Usually it's fine, but sometimes there are little annoyances, the most common being that the song will be a bit quiet.

This was the case with the song Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra.  I really love that song, too, so last night I was playing it a few times as I was writing.  And naturally, since the sound quality of the file was a bit quiet, I had it cranked up pretty high so I could hear it.  This wasn't a big deal until the song ended and I fo…