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Entertainment Hybrid

There was nothing wrong with my old desktop PC, other than the fact that it was a few years old and I wanted better performance for my gaming. Since I wanted to upgrade not just certain aspects, but everything -- video cards, processor, RAM, etc -- it was simply quicker and easier (and cooler) to get a new system. But I still have the old one, and I decided to keep it in use for something other than gaming.

I download a lot of video, to include movies and TV shows. For example, I'm currently watching House, and I've downloaded Seasons 1-5 to watch at my leisure. The downloads are HDTV quality video in an MKV format. I burn these files to DVDs because I want to keep them, and obviously keeping an entire TV show where each episode weighs in at 1.5 GB on my hard drive (regardless of the fact that it's 2 TBs) is not something I want to do.

When I want to watch these episodes, I naturally just play them on my computer with Zoom Player or Windows Media Player. I have a 24&…

Merry Christmas

The holiday does not hold as much tradition for me as it once did.  Part of that is simply part of growing up.  The magic disappears and you realize there is no Santa Clause, there are no elves, and that there’s nothing magical about the day at all.  But there is still happiness here, in the form of the time I get to spend with my family, and the general good feelings that come with that.  So yes, Merry Christmas indeed.  Even if it’s not your holiday, I still wish you a Merry one.

No Posts

It's the holidays and I'm busy. Doesn't look like the first half of January is going to be any better either with this project coming up. But the second half of January is looking mighty relaxing...