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Mad Max (The Video Game, not the Movie)

Mad Max was released in September of 2015, and it was a game that interested me a little bit before it was released, and a lot more after the reviews turned out to be quite favorable.  However, it had the unfortunate luck of releasing in the same year, and just two months prior, to a far superior open-world post-apocalyptic action game.  Open world games are a substantial time investment for someone who doesn't have loads of that precious, fabricated commodity.  Therefore, I refrained from buying the game at release.

Fast forward to the holidays, and the Steam winter sale.  Mad Max was 66% off, and John picked it up for me.  I've not technically finished Fallout 4, as I haven't done all of the exploring, but I've finished the campaign and quickly ran out of things to do after that.  So it was certainly a good opportunity to start a new game, at least until the Fallout 4 DLC starts popping up.

I will admit that I know of the Mad Max franchise, but I have not seen any of…