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Christmas Shopping!

I'm planning on going out and finishing any shopping that I need to do on Saturday.  The goal here is three-fold:  Finish getting presents for my family, purchase the things I need to clean my place up for the big day, and purchase food.

The presents thing is pretty self-explanatory.  I already have the majority of the gifts that I need.  All that's left, really, are a few odds and ends, some gift cards, a card or two, etc.  (Making a list, checking it twice...)

The cleaning supplies are needed because I need to spruce the place up a bit.  Christmas Day is spend in my place, and obviously I want to exude some semblance of cleanliness.  (Not that I'm a slob the rest of the year, mind you.)

As for the food, the purpose there is to gather ingredients to try my hand at cooking.  I have two new cookbooks that I recently purchased from Pampered Chef.  I'm looking forward to the disaster that is sure to follow.

Me vs. Tire

It snowed last night.  It was snowing this morning when I left the house.  And it was still snowing when I was half-way to work and got a flat tire.

As you can imagine, I am not having the best of days thus far and it's only 8:30 AM.  I'll admit, I quite honestly contemplated driving the rest of the way to work on the faulty tire.  A stupid thought, I realize, but you have to understand that it was fucking cold, fucking snowing, and I was on a fucking freeway where people don't give two fucks about other people.  I knew that if I stopped to change that tire, my life would be in danger the entire time.  But sadly, I was only half-way to work and I could tell the tire was REALLY bad. So I had to do it.

Since the gods offer me no breaks on this fine day, naturally the flat was on the driver's side, and thus I had to change the tire on the traffic side of the vehicle.  I was able to pull off the road a rather comfortable amount, but I could be 50 feet away from that free…

Come Fly With Me

I have three stories I want to share.  This is the first, and it's regarding a specific quest in Fallout: New Vegas called "Come Fly With Me".  I really, really enjoyed the story of this quest chain, and it has prompted me to share it here.

If you've read my previous post about New Vegas, you'll remember that the main storyline revolves around tracking down the man in the bad suit who shot you in the head right as the game begins.  The "Come Fly With Me" quest begins as an off-shoot of that main quest line, as most of the side-quests do.  There's a sniper in the city of Novac who has information about the man you're chasing, but he will only divulge it once you do something for him.  Quid pro quo, Clarice.

His task for you is to send you to a RoboCo test facility nearby and clear out the infestation of ghouls there.  If you'll recall my previous, previous post with the video, I mention this briefly and that video is me inside the test facilit…

New Vegas, Con't

Okay, so the main story here is that you're a courier of some sort.  Your latest job gets you kidnapped by a guy in a bad suit, who shoots you in the head and steals your package.  Not nice.  What follows is a long trek across the Mojave Wasteland while you follow this poorly dressed casino man, doing enumerable side quests along the way.  It's the standard Fallout recipe for fun, and I must admit that after all these years it still hasn't gotten stale for me.

I always play my Fallout characters in a certain way:  They are inexorably good, but very independent.  They don't like relying on other people or being part of a larger organization.  Thus, the additional (and required) faction choices in New Vegas makes me bristle.  It's a nice new feature they've added, but I would have preferred if they didn't link them together.  What I mean is, when I do a quest I'm going to get good rep with one faction and bad rep with another no matter which choice I mak…

New Vegas

Ok!  I'm finally getting into this game.  Hey, it only took me a month. 

Here, have a small video about it:

That should give you a chuckle or two.  Now playing:Angels & Airwaves - Secret Crowds

Getting into the Game

I was quite pleased when I learned the actual Shattering of Azeroth was going to take place a week or two (probably two) before the actual release of Cataclysm.  I would have been mildly annoyed if I had to waste an hour or so to go explore the changes before heading into the new areas to level.  Yay for that.  So, as it stands right now, when the Shattering does occur, I have two things to do:

1. Get the new faction city tabards.  My 25-tabard achievement will then be complete.

2.  Explore the world, get the new explorer achievement.

And maybe...

3.  Start doing the new old world quests?  I've no idea about this one, because I've no idea how the new Loremaster achievement is going to work, or whether my current Loremaster achievement will be linked to it in some way.  Honestly, I really hope I don't have to do every quest in Azeroth all over again.

Apparently Blizzard is going to release information regarding this some time today, so hopefully I'll find out.

Anyway, t…

Of Love and Family

A co-worker of mine pointed me towards the below story.  It was posted by a Blizzard forum poster, and is a story sent in by someone who met their spouse through World of Warcraft.  The story reminded him of John and I.  The thought that some time in the future I may have a similar story to tell makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  

Of Love and Family
World of Warcraft is a game where 30% is the appeal to me is the gameplay and the personal feeling of achievement, and 70% is all about the community and the friends you make. We all know that good feeling we get when we accomplish something amongst friends, rather than with a group of strangers who found you by spamming the trade chat looking for ANYBODY to help them out. It just isn't the same, am I right?
Finding friends on World of Warcraft is great. I've met friends there who I later met in real life and they're still solid friends even after three years -- even if some of them have stopped playing for whatever reason.…

Mindless Rambling

This is one of those days where just about everything is annoying me more than it really should.  I'm not particularly sure which higher power I pissed off today, but it seems to be holding my happy thoughts hostage.  That bastard.  

In all seriousness, though, I can rightfully explain the reasons for my volatile mood today.

First off, my neck is bothering me.  Over the weekend, probably Saturday night, I must have slept in a rather awkward position or something like that, because it's been aching me ever since.  I can't turn it from side to side very quickly without getting a shot of pain, and when I'm stationary, I'm left with this annoying dull ache.  I'm sure this is having quite a big effect on my general mood.  It's better today than it was yesterday, but the fact that it's been grinding away at my nerves for 3 days now tends to make one a bit grumpy.

More indirectly, lately I've been feeling as though I lack substantial accomplishment and the sa…

Yay, realism!

After more than a month, Blizzard is fixing the flapping wings on the flying mounts.  Can I get a big 'ol "IT'S ABOUT MOTHER FUCKING TIME!"?  


Damn you, 1985!

What the hell was wrong with us in the 80's?  All those horrible, horrible bands.

Today, I found my horror of 80's hair bands coming back to haunt me a bit.  I had XM radio on as I was driving to work, and I heard a song that sounded pretty good.  So I pressed the trusty 'ol Info button to see the band.  It was Von Bondies.

Immediately, my mind began to twist that into believing it was the love child of Bon Jovi and Blondie.  Thinking of those two having sex was enough to nearly make me drive into a ditch. 


So yeah, Von Bondies makes good music that sounds nothing like Bon Jovi nor Blondie.  But DAMN they chose a horrible name for themselves.


Since we turned our clocks back this weekend, you'd think that I'd be more inclined to wake up earlier for work.  Yeah, right.  Apparently my brain doesn't give a crap what time it is, and decided it was going to remain unconscious for an extra hour this morning.  Oops.  

On a different topic:  gorgonzola.  

I've no idea why that word is in my head, but it is.  And therefore I must share it.  It is kind of a funny word to say, isn't it?

Missed That One

So apparently Vindictus was released about a week ago and I missed it.  Oops.  Looks like it's getting good reviews.  I just haven't been in the mood to try out many new games lately, which sort of makes me sad.  Hopefully that'll change soon.

It Is My Artform

In a state of random boredness (yes, boredness is now I word because I said so), I was perusing the MMO Champion forums because you can always find quality entertainment there.  The trolls are always good for a laugh, and the trolls pretending to be offended by the trolls are even more entertaining.

The one thread that caught my eye this morning was one regarding a DPS pulling mobs. Specifically, the OP was an enhancement shaman wondering why tanks and healers get angry with him when he decides to pull more mobs while/before the tank and kill them himself.  I really won't get into the details of all the replies he has gotten to the thread.  You can go read it yourself if you'd like.  Here's a link.

What I want to do instead if offer my own thoughts on the subject.  I could do so on the forums, but honestly I don't even think I have an MMO account and I can't be arsed to create one.  (Yes, I said "can't be arsed".  John is slowly assimilating me into …


I believe I've mentioned here before that I don't often remember my own dreams.  This is probably for the best, because they're usually fucking bizarre.  I just so happen to remember one from last night, and it's a valid case in point.

I was somewhere with my brother.  This is bizarre in and of itself, since I haven't seen him in months.  We were at a store of some kind, though I cannot remember which.  It may have been Wal-Mart or something like that.  When we left this place, we were in a white car that may have been the one my Dad drove several years ago before he got the one he has now.  My brother was driving.

As we were pulling out, this other car, containing a man at the wheel and a woman in the passenger seat, was trying to pull into where we trying to pull out of -- It was a lane of the parking lot, IIRC.  The problem being, this other car was on our side of the road.  My brother said something, and I can't remember exactly what it was, but he then pul…

Happy Halloween!

When I was a kid, say around 10 years old or something like that, there was a cartoon show I enjoyed watching called “The Real Ghostbusters”.  Obviously, this cartoon was based upon the movie that came out in the mid 1980's, and was a tremendous success (spawning a sequel, a very enjoyable video game, and if you believe the rumors, a third movie). 

This is all relevant to the title of this post because I distinctly remember, for two or three years in a row, a “The Real Ghostbusters” marathon would be on TV on Halloween night.  It was a natural choice for a kids marathon, given the whole theme of the cartoon was about ghosts — a staple for Halloween, of course. 

The thing I remember most about watching these marathons when I was a kid was waiting eagerly for the two episodes that features a ghost called Samhain.  I adored this character because his name was actually more than just a silly sounding name given to the villain of a children's television show.  The word “Samhain” is…

We Interrupt this Blog for some FAIL

And here's John and I failing at Alien Swarm. playing:Guano Apes - Dodel Up (Kukliczi Mix)

A Matter of Quality

I watched the original “Nightmare on Elm Street” movie yesterday.  I was in the mood for a good horror flick, since Halloween is this weekend and all.  Over the weekend, I had actually watched the new 2010 version. 

After watching the 1984 edition, I began to think about what makes it so much better than the new one.  This isn't the elitist in me saying this either, because I tried really, really hard to enjoy the new one.  And, when viewing the new one without drawing any comparisons to the original, I did quite enjoy it.  The idea is still quite fresh — using dreams as a means to scare you.  No one else has really done it other than Freddy Krueger. 

So why exactly do I enjoy the Wes Craven version so much?  I've come to a few conclusions.  First, I eliminated what WASN'T the problem.

It's not Freddy.  I think Jackie Earl Haley did an exceptional job.  The makeup was different and it worked just fine.  He had the right attitude.  The right laugh.  The right swagger abo…

PD's 10 Scariest Moments in Gaming

Halloween is almost upon us.  So, I figured it would be a good time to list out what I think are the "10 Scariest Moments in Gaming".

Keep in mind that this is MY list.  I don't play all genres of games, so obviously your favorite might not be on the list.  Also, these are in no particular order.  

1. Friday the 13th (NES) - Generally, NES didn't really have scary games.  That's a Nintendo thing, I think, and the same concept is true even today with the Wii.  This game wasn't really all that scary, but it did get your heart pumping when Jason jumped out of nowhere to attack you (as he often did).  I remember screaming out loud when I was quite low on health at one point from being chased by zombies and ducked into a cabin to find health, only to have Jason in there waiting for me.  I peed a little, too, I think.

2. The Suffering - At the beginning of the game, when you first break out of prison, you're walking alone, in the dark.  You enter a cafeteria, a…


I feel like talking, but I've no idea what I want to talk about.  This is due to the fact that I'm in a disgustingly good mood this morning.  You may find that odd, considering it's Monday morning.  Who the fuck enjoys Mondays?  Ah, but this Monday is different, because it's the only day I'll be at work this week.  Oh yes.  Now you understand.  

So where to begin with my ramblings?  Well, first off, I've ordered a bunch of Warcraft books.  I initially planned on purchasing only "The Shattering", but then I realized that the book is new and not yet available in paperback.  I have a hatred for hardcover books, unless it's a book that I don't actually plan on reading.  They are bulky, heavy, and annoying.  If I want the book for the art, fine, hardcover is probably the smarter choice there.  But if it's something I actually want to read, chances are most of the time I will be reading the book in bed.  I don't want the corner of a hardcover…

Mastering Mastery

I'll admit, at first I didn't really consider Mastery as important right now. I assumed that it would come into its own later on when I started obtaining new pieces of gear having that stat on it from the start. So yeah, I pretty much dismissed it at first. But it bothered me, because I started to think it was rather silly for this new stat to exist and it to have no value to me. That seemed wrong.

So, as much as I didn't want to, I began calculating the numbers. When it comes to things like this, I never give a crap about precise calculations, for two reasons:

1. This is a game.2. I am not a computer and therefore precise calculations are pointless.

Therefore, I always tend to do my calculations BROADLY, so I have an idea of what is correct without the lengthy algorithms and equations that other theorycrafters tend to create. It just hurts my brain less, and gives me the same general information.

So here is my theorycrafting of the Protection Warrior's Mastery Ratin…

Culture Gap

We have a visitor in the office for three days this week.   At its core, I view this as a slight annoyance, since I actually have to dress respectably for three days this week.  Woe is me.  This is doubly annoying due to the fact that I bought several new t-shirts from Old Navy over the weekend, and now I can't even wear them this week.  /whine

On the bright side, however, this visitor is a fellow co-worker who works for our company, from an office in Belgium.  She came from an acquisition of ours called Porthus.  This is her first time in the United States, and we took her out to lunch yesterday at a restaurant called Primanti Brothers.  If you don't live in Pittsburgh, you're not going to know what this place is.  But rest assured, it is just about the most American place we could have taken her, and that was exactly the whole point of its choosing.  The expressions on her face were quite priceless.  It started when we ordered drinks.  Obviously we weren't going to d…
I be so stealthy, dat even mai blog posts be invisible!

(PD: /facepalm)

Hallow's End

Y'know, I had my own blog once. I'm not sure why I just can't have that back.
(PD: Because you enjoy talking about yourself WAY too much.)

Hey! Stay out of my posts, 'ya Blog Nazi!

ANYWAY. While I was at the Bank of Dalaran yesterday, I noticed some jack-o-lanterns, which reminded me that Hallow's End has begun. I like Hallow's End. Maybe this year I'll be able to complete my collection of masks. I have so many of them, though I'm not entirely sure why I need this male Tauren one. In any case, the only ones I seem to be missing are both kinds of Troll masks (I like Trolls...they're cuddly), and a female Draenei mask.

While I was riding around trick-or-treating, there were some more earthquakes. I wonder what's causing those? I hope it's not serious. While I am sort of bored these days, now that the fighting against the Lich King in Northrend is finished, I definitely wouldn't want to see another war so soon.

I think I'll go fi…

Arguing with Myself

You may see some strange posts popping up on here in the next few days.  It seems my WoW characters are not satisfied with how little I talk about them, and really don't like what I have to say when I do.  So, they've demanded that I give them access to my blog, so that they can make posts on their own.

If they start talking about gear score, I'm banning them.  You guys hear me?!

My Thoughts on the 4.0 Tanking Warrior

Patch 4.0 has been out for a week now, and that has given me sufficient time to basically re-learn how to play my character.  Below are some of my thoughts.  For your amusement, the header of each section is a song title.  

Ready to Start
The first most noticeable difference, aside from the sweeping changes to the talent trees, is the fact that rage is now quite different.  I would go sofar as to say that right now, pulling mobs is much more difficult than it was before, due only to the fact that the amount of rage we can generate before pulling a pack of mobs has been severely nerfed.  Bloodrage is gone and replaced by our shouts, but the added 10 rage over a few seconds feature is gone.  So right there, we've got 10 less rage to work with than we had before, and we're not even getting hit by a mob yet.  Also, Bloodrage placed us in combat, which means the rage didn't decay as quickly as it does using the weaker Shout version of it.  The combination of these two things mea…

Personality Reviews

It's that time of year here at my office when we do our annual performance evaluations.  The title of this post is a bit of a jab at these, because personality ends up factoring into these reviews no matter how hard you try to keep them out.

This is the third year in a row that my company has completely changed the format of the review documents.  I think they do this on purpose to prevent us from copy/pasting last year's data.  Not that we would EVER do that.  *cough*

Dealing with people is something that I've never been good at, though my life's experiences have been shaping that skill slowly as time goes on.  I've always considered myself to be a bit on the naive side, which isn't good when you're managing a group of people.  You will always have someone who tries to manipulate or take advantage of you, and its necessary to be able to see through any such attempts.  This is probably why I've never much cared for a managerial position.

On the positi…

Patch Day

WoW's Patch 4.0 came out today, which begins the first step towards the Cataclysm.  Today saw the implementation of a number of game changing things, the biggest of which being the sweeping talent tree changes.  Abilities have been changed, some have been removed, and there are even some new ones. 

Whenever something like this happens, it always makes you question whether or not you really know what you're doing.  I've never been one to extensively research things online.  I do it sometimes, especially if something is confusing me, but I always make the decisions about my character on my own.  He's MY character.  Someone else is not going to tell me what I'm supposed to do with him. 

So when it came time to spec my talents, I did it my way.  I read each one and I made the choices.  This morning, I went to Elitist Jerks to see what they thought.  I was pleased to see their suggested spec was nearly identical to mine, with only minor differences.  They took the sel…
I like this time of year, right when summer ends but before we enter “Tundra Season”, where I curse the world for just how freaking ass cold it has made the mornings and all I want to do is curl up under my nice warm bed covers. 

I'm not sure if I'm just in a really good place in my life right now, or what, but these days I have been feeling quite content.  I attribute most of this to the fact that I've found someone whom I enjoy being with immensely, and whose affections towards me are the same as mine for them.  That's a wonderful feeling, and if I ever had a trace of cynicism in me towards other human beings, this person is slowly melting them away. 

It's not exactly all rose-colored glasses for me, but these feelings I have right now are enough.  Now playing:Middle Class Rut - New Low
I'm fucking tired and it's my own damned fault.  Seriously, I need someone to come into my house and smack me over the head with something at about 11:30 PM so I can actually get a decent night's sleep once a week.

She Got a Boob Reduction

I was playing the new Tomb Raider game last night.  They have foregone the "Tomb Raider" name, and adopted a more Indiana Jones-like naming convention:  Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. 

The game is good.  The controls have been simplified, and it's got a more arcade-game feel to it.  But these are not bad things, actually.  I find this game to just simply be a lot of fun, and that's really the whole point.  If you like adventure games and puzzles, I highly recommend it.

A Shitty Civ5 Video

No further description is required, really.  Enjoy!

A Bunch of Nothing

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been several occasions where I had something interesting to write about here, and I just never got around to doing so.  It actually hasn't been a matter of being too busy, but rather that I've been occupied with other things.  Basically, I've been forgetting to blog. 

So here I am now, and as you could probably guess I've forgotten all the things I've wanted to say.  If you start making "Old Timer's" jokes here, I will beat you with my walker and throw my dentures at you.  Fucking whippersnappers.  Now go get me some jello.

Anyways, I guess I'll just provide an overview of what's been going on in my life recently, and perhaps that will enable me to remember some of the specifics that I wanted to write about. 

To start with, I've canceled my subscription to The Lord of the Rings Online.  I finally lost interest in the utterly boring quests, and bailed.  Let us all mourn the death of my aspiring el…
I'm on a quest to not suck at Civ5.  More later.

A Question of Interest

Last night, I reached level 30 in Lord of the Rings Online.  I wanted to wait until I got to a respectable level before I actually made a commentary on the gameplay, as I felt that was the only way to be rather fair about it.  Level 30 seems like a good time.

Right.  First, the good.  Middle-Earth has never looked better.  The world looks utterly fantastic.  Each zone makes you feel like this is exactly what Tolkien had in mind when he thought up his world, and at the same time provides something new to look at that doesn't look quite like the place from which you'd just come.  I'm guessing that was pretty damn tricky to pull off, but they did it brilliantly.  The actions of the NPCs are right on the money.  Hobbits act like you would expect -- homely, excitable, and a bit naive.  The same goes for all the other races, and the voice acting is spot on.  The epic quest line is engaging, dripping with lore, tied directly and intricately into the main story-line of the books, …

So laggy, I'm moving in reverse.

Yesterday, it became clear that Turbine was utterly unprepared for the ramifications of going free-to-play.  They've been caught with their pants down.  I don't like the idea that perhaps they were simply looking to make more money without preparing their hardware for the added stress on their servers, but sadly that seems to be pretty much the case.  They have a few days to fix their shit and change my mind, however, and hopefully they will do just that. 

So the actual problems:  First of all, there are way too many people playing the game right now.  Do I think this is going to continue?  No, I don't.  I honestly don't believe the game is good enough to sustain this surge of popularity.  I think things will return to normal once the free-to-play shininess is gone.  This added influx of players is also causing major server lag and server crashes.  I ended up getting WTFPWNT in the game twice in a row last night because I was frozen in place by lag while a mob three le…


I don't have any screenshots of this game because anytime something screenshot-worthy happened, I was too busy screaming like a girl and thus couldn't press the screenshot button.  So you'll just have to use your imagination a bit.

This game is all about setting the proper atmosphere, and that atmosphere is utterly creepy and disturbing.  You start the game as a guy named Daniel who is lying on the floor of an old castle in 1839 England.  You don't remember much.  (Thus the title of the game.  Hint hint.) 

This game is unique at what it does.  You have no weapons, but you can pick up just about anything.  Mostly, you're searching for tinderboxes, and oil for your lantern.  These are needed to provide light, because without light you start to lose your sanity.  This causes you to start shaking, stumbling, and seeing things.  All of which are quite unpleasant. 

You progress through the game by solving puzzles, which so far have ranged from pulling secret books from sh…

Lord of the Rings Online

Right.  So yeah.  As if I need another MMO in my life.  Not really.  But anyway!

I wouldn't call myself a Blizzard fanboy.  Yes, I play their games, and yes I enjoy their games.  I enjoy them immensely, and I think they make good ones.  But I'm not one of those individuals who gets all butthurt when someone bad mouths them, either.  I have my own beefs with some of the things they do.  (I can't have friends in Europe?  Really?  In this day and age when the world is smaller than ever because of the vastly advanced ways with which we can communicate with people all across the world, you can't make a system that allows me to chat and play with my friends in Europe?  You fail.)

ANYway.  The Lord of the Rings Online went Free-to-Play on Tuesday.  It was a pretty big event.  Servers went down all day long so they could implement the changes and also patch in the new content they've released for us.  And you could tell that people were interested in it.  When I went to log…
Long live the king!  That is, until he becomes an undead tyrant bent on the destruction of the world.  Then he must die.  Again.  With fire. 

Anyway, yeah, so I finally got Kingslayer last night.  Kind of ironic, since I've been doing heroic-modes in Icecrown Citadel for a few weeks now.  (7/12 at the moment.)  But anyway, it was good to get that done.  I now feel that I've finished the expansion in full.  Closure is a good thing.

Mafia 2

This game instills in you a certain feeling, and that feeling is one of not quite being in control of any given situation.  For a game of this nature, that's a double-edged sword.  For the most part, it works out just fine.  Sometimes, though, you're left wishing you had a bit more control over what happens to your character.  In this day and age when sandbox-style, open-ended games are all the craze, it's kind of surprising. 

So in Mafia 2 you play as a Wiseguy in 1945 Empire Bay (which is basically a fancy fake name for New York City).  The thing that appealed to me right away was the painful attention to detail the developers put into ensuring you really felt as though you'd just been dropped into the year 1945, but at the same time made the city feel alive

The thing that stuck with me the most was the radio stations.  All the music matched the period.  And, in the pre-prison 1945 gameplay, the music was often interrupted with news about how the Allies were faring…

Ah, September

Today is the first day of September, which reminds us that soon (very soon), Fall will be upon us.  I don't mind Fall, other than the fact that it serves as that unpleasant reminder about Winter not far away.  Screw Winter.


I've been playing the hell out of Torchlight since Friday night.  Overall, since then, I've clocked a whopping 21 hours into the game according to Steam.  That's a lot.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that I recently read about Torchlight 2, and the fact that it should be available in the Spring of 2011.  That inspired me to play the first one, especially since the second one mentioned that it will have co-op.  Sweet.  Secondly, I needed something to play until Mafia II comes out on Tuesday.  (And something to fall back on, should Mafia II end up sucking the big one.)

Steam has added 66 achievements to SteamCloud since I last played the game.  I have 26 of them so far.  And yes, I will admit that part of the reason I'm still playing the game is so that I can get more achievements.  I beat the final boss of the game after 8 hours. 

Now playing:Linkin Park - Shadow Of The Day

Hi. My name is PD and I'm an RTS noob.

Now, you're all supposed to say, “Hi, PD!”. 

In any case, I don't know what you people see in this genre, but I certainly don't see it.  Perhaps  I've just played too many action games, too many RPG games, too many shooters.  I don't know.

I'm not giving up though.  I'm going to play Starcraft 2's single-player campaign and I'm going to play practice matches against the AI until I just suck, instead of UTTERLY SUCK.

Now playing:Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks
This is a great quote.

“Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.” — Bob MarleyNow playing:Coconut Records - Nighttiming

Oooh, a milestone!

Happy 5th birthday PD Chronicles!  To celebrate the five year anniversary of my blog, below are links to five blog entries that I feel are memorable.  I'm not going to call them "The most memorable" because I'm too fucking lazy to sift through every single blog post I've made in the last five years.  That would be insane.  So you go!  Enjoy the little trip down memory lane.

Pictures from Copenhagen

Performance Review

Public Restroom Facilities

The Midget Story

The 25 Most Shocking Moments in Gaming