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How to Tell a Good Story

Back when I first started writing The Immortal Chiitsu (the first time, before I stopped for over a year and restarted it), the question I had on my mind is, "How do I make this something someone would want to read?"  So I got into the PD-mobile and went in search of answers.  (The PD-mobile is a digital fabrication, of course, since my answers required a journey into the Internet.)

A lot of people have opinions about what makes a good story, but one point that is repeated more than any other is that you have to make...ok, stop.  Perhaps make isn't the correct word.  You have to LET your audience care about your characters.  That's better.  And the reason that this is so important is because then, your audience becomes emotionally involved in the story, and let's face it -- that's what separates the good ones from the bad ones.

There are many ways to go about this -- you can simply make your character likable.  You can make them sympathetic.  You can make t…

I hate my job.

But only some days.

Today is one of those days.

Zero Direction

Time for a mind dump.  Every so often, I find it to be rather therapeutic to simply empty the things rolling around in my head onto a digital piece of paper.

First of all, any comic that references Indiana Jones is regarded very highly by me.  Case in point.

I love these lyrics:
"Well I've got a fever, a non-believer, I'm in a state of grace.  For I am a Caesar, I'm gonna seize the day.  Well call of the banshee, hey hey!  Hey hey hey hey!  As God as my witness, these infidels are gonna pay!"
From The Peacemaker by Green Day.

I've discovered that the only time I like coconut is when it's toasted on and a donut.

The one situation where you could either see the nicest side, or the ugliest side of a human being, is when you have something they want.  Either they will butter you up to get it, or they will see you as being in their way and try and destroy you.  Both situations are why I don't like human beings.

It's almost July 4th already.  Holy cra…

Alice: Madness Returns

I've come to the conclusion that I'm the only person on the planet who has actually heard of this game.  And, if I by chance find someone else who HAS heard of it, they are so uninterested in it that they actually change the subject before I even finish my first sentence.  
This is a shame, really, because it's a rather good game.  Not great, mind you, but good.  It's also quite different, which I think is one of the reasons why it appeals to me so much.  It's sort of gothic horror, adventure gaming, and simple questing thrown into a blender with a box of crayons and pureed for three minutes. 

The first thing I noticed when I started playing was the art style.  It's…BIZARRE.  But in a good way.  Most of what keeps me playing is so that I can get to the next level and see what it looks like, and what weird shit I'm going to find.  I really like that. 

The gameplay itself is average.  Running, jumping, slashing, and collecting.  Over and over again.  There …

Man down

We regret to inform you that in response to the news below, Steve has entered a critical meltdown. Please wait 4-5 weeks for normal service to resume.
Thank you for your patience.

In short, NO!

"EA is in talks to purchase PopCap Games for $1 billion."


Could It Be?

The third DLC pack for Fallout New Vegas has been named and given a release date.  It is titled "Old World Blues", and it's coming July 19th.

That's only part of the reason why I'm writing about it.  Actually, that has nothing to do with the reason why I'm writing about it!  Hell, I got so engrossed in the Legend of the Star questline, and doing random exploring in the main game, that I haven't even touched upon the first two DLC packs yet.  I'll get on that soon enough.

But anyway, the real reason I was excited enough to post about this announcement was actually because of another short little sentence included with it.  Bethesda promises to bring improvements to performance and stability in major areas.
I really, really hope this means what I think it means.  Fallout New Vegas is about as temperamental as a rabid wolverine.  If you look at the game funny, it crashes.  I wear out my F5 key when I play it, due to all the quick saving I've become…

The Legend of the Star

Tonight, I was able to collect my 50th Sunset Sasparilla Star bottle cap.  It actually didn't take nearly as long as I thought, when knowing the locations, since I learned that usually you would find not 1, but 2–3 at each known site.  So that wasn't bad at all. 

I actually took a bunch of screenshots of finding the last bottle cap, taking it to the factory, turning them all in, and getting the treasure.  I was going to make a nice pictorial collage here of it all.  But sadly, I didn't realize that my keybinding for screenshot in FRAPS got reset.  So I actually took ZERO screenshots.  Bah!

So instead, you're going to have to rely on my writing skills to properly describe it.  Good luck with that! 

I found the 50th bottle cap in an old fisherman's shack on the side of a large lake.  The place was trashed, but the cap was sitting out in plain sight on a table next to some broken bottles and a box of Blamco macaroni and cheese.  What's interesting is that the quest…

AllOut - Fighting for Equality

Hello Bloggers.

You may or may not have heard of a website called AllOut. This fantastic charity is working towards saving the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people all across the world. With the aid of people from every corner of the globe, they have already successfully petitioned to stop a bill in Uganda that would make being gay a crime punishable by death. AllOut stopped it, and still they fight for the safety and equality of LGBT people everywhere.

They need your help. Their latest cause involves a gay aslyum seeker named Eddy. The following is taken directly from the AllOut website:

Stop the Deportation of LGBT Asylum Seeker Eddy Cosmas!
Edson "Eddy" Cosmas, a gay rights activist, is facing imminent deportation from the UK back to his native Tanzania—where being gay is punishable by life imprisonment, and gay and lesbian activists have been arrested and detained as part of a recent crackdown.

Eddy needs your urgent solidarity now. Please ask Home Secretary…

What the fuck?

I've rescinded my post here because it's apparently much more complicated than anyone realized.  Until all the information is available to me, I'll just leave this here.  No point commenting on stuff when I don't have all the facts.

Cripes, I sound like a journalist.
Holy crap, McDonald's has Dr. Pepper now?!

You're a Star, Baby!

I picked up the Explorer perk in Fallout New Vegas the other night.  This perk shows all locations on the World Map, whether you've been there yet or not.  (You cannot fast travel to them until you've actually discovered them for yourself, but it's still incredibly useful to see where everything is.)

In Fallout 3, after I got that perk I spent several hours simply walking around the Capital Wasteland exploring each and every site until I had scoured every inch of the map.  That's probably my favorite thing to do in Fallout games.  If I recall correctly, I finished the main storyline of the game in 30-ish hours.  My total playtime on Fallout 3 is well over 40 hours, and the difference in time is all exploration.  (I'm sure I made a post about it here somewhere.)

I'm to the point now where I'm just about ready to do the same thing in the Mojave Wasteland -- all I have left to do in the game is the final bit preceding the war over the Hoover Dam, and the two DLC…

Just Business...?

I recently had a rather unique opportunity to observe first-hand a rather ugly side to human beings.  You can decide for yourselves if you think that I'm merely being a bit territorial or unreasonable, or if you think that my annoyance is justified.  I'm going to have to provide a bit of backstory in order for any of this to make sense.  Also, since this is about work, I'm going to have to use generic names.  There's an office with the following structure:  Boss A is in charge of Boss B and Boss C.  Boss B is in charge of employees #1 and #2.  Got that?  Good.  Boss C isn't really a manager, but more of a guy who handles a lot of complicated tasks because he's qualified to do so.  But, he's the only one in the office who can do these tasks.  He sometimes gets overwhelmed with work because of this, and it leaves the office at a disadvantage any time he is out sick or on vacation.  Therefore, Boss C decides that he needs to share some of his knowledge.  He th…


Ding 18!

Varying Degrees of Assessment

E3 is this week.  There's going to be a lot of cool announcements, which is a double-edged sword.  It's good because it gets us excited for a bunch of new games coming out.  It's bad because these new games will take years and years to be released.  On this blog, I rarely write about games that aren't released yet.  And I'm not about to start now!

Ok, first let's get Hunted out of the way.  There is one aspect of this game that everyone is hating on, and it is the one area of the game where I will stick up for it.  To all those saying the graphics are shit and that the game looks like shit:  Go get your fucking eyes checked, you blind wombat.  Or perhaps this is another case of the human race's epidemic of being self-entitled cunts?  Is that it?  In that case:  News-flash, you self-entitled cunt, not every game is Crysis 2.

Every other complaint you can have.  The game is rubbish.  It came this close || to being excellent, but it was not to be.  Quite hon…