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So what's the big deal with Guild Wars 2?

You know damn well that the only reason I'm sitting here writing anything at all is because I can't log into the damned game.  But I'm not here to talk about that.  At least not completely.  Depending on where you read or where you watch, the Internet has either been very, very busy in talking about this game (as with reviewers), or very, very quiet (because everyone else is probably playing the damned game).  I suppose the most important question is, "Will this furor last?"  But first, let's take a step back and have a nice look at the game.  
Already from playing in the beta weekends, I knew this was a game that did a lot of things correctly.  For example, I knew they did the combat correctly, albeit it is not without it's problems.  It's the kind of combat that I tend to enjoy.  It's fun.  It's diverse.  And there's some skill necessary to do it correctly.  More importantly, though, I knew that I liked the overall style of the game.  As …

Dark Souls

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be nice to this game.  You shouldn't take this the wrong way, because I can truly see why it is highly rated and why it seems to be so well liked.  But that doesn't change the fact that I hate just about everything about it.

Let's start with the elephant in the room -- it is a straight console port with nothing added to it for the PC.  This directly leads me to the number one reason why I hate this game.  I expected that using a gamepad would probably be the superior way to play Dark Souls on the PC because it's a straight port.  So I did try to do so, and I hated the camera.  I want the camera to point where I'm looking.  I don't think that's really too much to ask.  If I'm not looking somewhere, why would I want my camera to be there?  It seems pretty simple to me.  Unfortunately, you need to turn the camera yourself when you use a gamepad, so I decided to switch to the mouse and keyboard, because moving a camera wi…

The Most Clichéd Title in the World

I was going to make an attempt to move this blog into a new location.  A while back, probably about a year ago now or maybe a little longer, I had this blog hosted on my own website.  I preferred it that way, because it then felt like mine.  I'm sure you can relate those feelings.  However, there came a point where Blogger did a large scale upgrade to their system.  It was part of a transition, because they had been acquired by Google.  (As if Google didn't already own the entire universe.)  As such, the ability to host my blog on my own site meant that I would miss out on a ton of features that quite honestly should be standard for a blog.  So, I made the decision to host it on Blogger, and it has been ever since.

The problem is...well, that's not really a correct term to use.  It's not really a problem, per say.  It's just sort something that bothers me.  Anyway, I have my own web domain as many people probably know. I used to host the WPHPA Website on it, I have…

Sleeping Dogs

When it comes to open world games, for me there is probably nothing that will ever compare to Bethesda.  Their open worlds for Fallout and The Elder Scrolls are done the way I want open world games to be done, and that's really all there is to it.  However, I do enjoy dropping myself into a game that contains a "real-world" open world.  This is why I have played through GTA IV multiple times.  Or, at least ONE of the reasons why.  It is also a very good game, to say the least.  And since Bethesda hasn't yet made any "real-world" open worlds, GTA IV is the best I have ever seen.

Now, we have another game with another "real world", in the form of Sleeping Dogs.  Here we have a game with an open world rendered after Hong Kong, and the amount of detail the developers have put into it is nothing short of astounding.  For all the people that complained the Liberty City looked too bland and boring in GTA IV, they will not be able to make that complaint h…

Mollies. Mollies everywhere.

On Saturday, I noticed a little black dot swimming around in the aquarium and realized that we had baby Black Mollies.  By the end of the day, I counted four in total, which is about average for one female to have at once.  That was all well and good, and the little things were pretty damn fun to watch.  I expected them to have offspring eventually, but not that quickly.  I'm guessing they were already pregnant when we purchased them.

Cut to yesterday.  Now, I count at least 12 babies in the tank.  They're just everywhere.  Both of the females had to have had some at this point, because I've never had one Molly have that many babies. Black Mollies are rather large when they're born, when compared to other live-bearing tropical fish, so I can't see 12 of the suckers fitting in one of the females.  They weren't even that fat!

In any case, so now we have about a dozen (maybe more, who knows, the little buggers are hard to count) swimming around in the tank, and it…
I've recently noticed that there's a bit of a gap in the whole PC gaming news department.  At first, I didn't feel it was anything worth commenting upon, because it seemed to be a case where it was a game that wasn't going to be all that popular on the PC to begin with.  But within the course of 24 hours, PC gaming media failed me again with a different game.  So now I think it's worth talking about.  Allow me to describe these two issues, and my ensuing problems with them in regards to the PC gaming media.

The first occurred on the morning of August 10th.  I remember seeing an article on RPS back in June stating that The Amazing Spider-Man game was coming to the PC on August 10th.  RPS was irritated by this, because it was several weeks after the release of the console version of the game, and also several weeks after the release of the movie into which it is tied.  Their argument was, understandably, that even if the game was good, no one was going to care about …

Chicken Shit

There is an interesting controversy that has been dominating the headlines lately.  In a nutshell, the president of the Chik-Fil-A restaurant chain does not support gay marriage and donates considerable amounts of money to organizations who lobby against such unions.  The problem that I see is that no one seems to understand the whole situation.  I'll admit that I myself didn't really understand it completely until just this morning when I decided to do the research.  So now I'm prepared to tell you exactly what's going on.  

So, with any debate, there are two sides.  You have Chik-Fil-A and its supporters, who are opposed to same-sex marriage.  Then you have the supporters of same-sex marriage.  The entire thing has become political, with conservative politicians taking pictures of themselves eating at this restaurant to show their support for their views.  These conservatives, and these supports of what Chik-Fil-A are doing, are also lambasting the opposition by sayin…

Indirect Conclusions

I had a bit of a revelation this morning.  I was thinking about all the games that I enjoyed recently, to include Max Payne 3 and the newly released Orcs Must Die! 2.  I began to ask myself some interesting questions.  When it comes to gaming, I am above average in my experience with the hobby.  I am not talking about skill in my ability to be good at games, but rather just my experience with games themselves.  I play a lot of games.  I tend to study even more games that I won't ever play.  I frequently check new releases, I look at trends, I read news, and I do all of these things.  When it comes to how informed I am about games, how "in the loop" I am when it comes to the industry, I am probably on par with most publications and commentators.  Basically, I -know- games.

Due to this, I began to find it oddly intriguing how I tend to enjoy games that the majority of my peers do not.  Obviously, there are the universally liked games.  Skyrim, for instance.  Even TB states…