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I can paint, too...

So I get this email today from someone I don't know, working for someone I've never heard of, for this website that I never knew existed.

Apparently, they are planning on making their own web-based DBZ series, and would like me to be an artist on the show. Because they liked the artwork I drew on my site.

They fail.

Mmm, vacation...

Today was a weird day. It started at breakfast, when I see this very, very weird looking moth in the parking lot of the restaurant. Check this out:

Now, I didn't put anything beside it for scale because I didn't want to risk it flying away while I took its picture with my phone. However, it was probably SIX INCHES long. (15 CM for you metric people). Fook!

Next, on the way home this morning, there's this big bird (probably a buzzard) munching on a dead animal in the road. It flies off as our car approached, but for a second looked like it was going to go right through the windshield. I'm still having some trouble hearing out of my left ear after my mother screamed into it.

Then, on my way home this afternoon, a tree nearly fell on me! I was driving home, and I look over to my left and see this tree coming at me. It missed me completely, but as I looked in my rearview mirror I could see a huge cloud of dust in the road. Yikes.

Cool stuff

So I got all these neat little php scripts today - here's one of them.......a MUSIC PLAYER. Coooool.

Death by Ball!



Humorous Video


"Mine are big enough, thank you."

Prey No More

Similar to the aliens in Independence Day, an entire civilization of extra-terrestrials came to earth in a giant sphere-shaped spaceship, which then orbited the planet as the inhabitants abducted millions of people and began to eat them. Those that weren't eaten were turned into cyborg-like fighting machines, sent to make my life miserable as I tried to fight my way to the leader. This game is host to one of the most horrifying experiences I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing in a computer game. From the moment the aliens attack, I had one objective in the game: Fight my way to my girlfriend, Jen. 87% of the way through the game, I finally find her, only she's now half monster. The monster half is hell bent on ripping me apart, while the human part is crying hysterically and telling me to run. I kill the monster part, but the girlfriend part is still alive, albeit barely. I then had to put a bullet in her head. This game's got SUBSTANCE.

After that, you c…

I feel dizzy...

Walking into a room and then falling onto the ceiling is bad enough. But then, I find myself in this huge cube, and the only way out is to keep pressing buttons on the wall to spin the cube in all kinds of different directions until I fill up this little line thingy with this glowing blue orb thingy. I thought I was gonna puke...

....and why the hell is the room spinning??


I forgot to tell this story in the last post:

As I was playing Prey last night, I was happily snapping screenshots at all the cool stuff I was seeing. Nothing out of the ordinary there. So, after I was finished for the night, I went to the directory on my hard drive where fraps stores the screenshots. I looked. And then I looked again, not quite sure I was seeing what I was seeing.

Number of screenshots: 1,130

Then I remembered that the last time I used fraps, I had set the "Repeat taking screenshots every 1 second" setting. Ooops. So then I had to sift through them all to find the cool shots. It was kinda neat though, because if I wouldn't have loaded all the images into a flash animation, it would have been a nice movie of me playing the game.

I prey it will rock...

What do you mean I have a cavity?!

Prey is out, and I couldn't be more excited. Especially since I just played about an hour of it. Such gaming goodness to be had.

The game's premise isn't anything overly original, but I must say I don't think there's anything quite like it. You play a Cherokee indian living on a reservation. You're not really happy about it. Then, aliens arrive and start abducting everyone, including your grandfather and your girlfriend. You find yourself aboard the alien vessel, watching a lot of people, including your grandfather, getting skewered and killed in any number of gross yet can't-turn-your-head-away-because-of-morbid-curiosity ways. Then, you fall. The fall should have killed you, but instead you end up in this strange place where you meet your grandfather and he tells you it's time to remember your heritage. Apparently, you have the power to leave your body and walk around as a spirit, and this particular technique…

Right Time, Wrong Place

I'm generally not a person who is overly confrontational, nor goes looking for trouble. Really. Stop laughing! with traffic time:

My driving attitude was already at an all time low when I started the trek home this evening because of the bullshit that I had to go through this morning. A 40 minute drive to work took 2 hours, because of 4 magical traffic slowing entities all occuring at once: construction, mid-week, precipitation, and a disabled vehicle.

So I was already a bit miffed when I started for home.

Asshole #1 was some stupid fucker near the airport that decided the passing lane was his own personal space. I educated him otherwise.

Asshole #2 was some dumb bitch who though her shitty Prism was superior to my Malibu. I educated her otherwise.

Asshole #3 is my favorite, and I only wish I was in the position to fuck with him at the time. Sadly, I was just one car back from the incident and could do nothing. As you've heard me bitch about many times, the…

My Patience < Human Stupidity

I typically go to the supermarket on Friday after work to get the things I need for the following week. Sadly, I was at work until 1:00 AM this past Friday, and was in no condition on doing much of anything afterwards, let alone grocery shopping. Even sadder, I had to work Saturday as well, and therefore was able to do said shopping on my way home that day.

Among the items I purchased was a half pound of lunch meat, to be used for the random hunger attack during the weekend and also the two sandwiches for my lunch on Monday and Tuesday. The woman at the deli who waited on me was a very unpleasant individual who I have had the displeasure of becoming aquainted with at my church. She has the personality of a mountain troll, and I'm quite convinced that her monster of a child cannot possibly be human.

Unfortunately, the deli item was no longer in my possession when I got home, for reasons I have not yet been able to explain. So, it was necessary for me to visit the supermarket aga…

Uncorporate America 004

Some people really, really hate their jobs

Take the guy I overheard at Sheetz one morning this week. I was at the one fridge case getting my daily dose of chocolate milk, and he was talking to one of his buddies about his job.

"Yeah, should be interesting today. They've got us changing light bulbs."

LOL! Sad....