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Bioshock Infinite, Night Three!

So, since I found Elizabeth, it's been pretty much all about her.  And while a lot of the standard concepts of an NPC companion are here, a lot are enhanced greatly.  For example, you never have to worry about her in a fight.  She's invincible.  She also doesn't fight.  So therein are two annoyances of companions eliminated:  Worrying about failing a mission because they die, or getting pissed because they're killing everything before you.

And, when there's no fighting going on, Elizabeth is wandering around, exploring, finding things.  She's never underfoot and never getting in the way.  And oftentimes, she will point out things of interest.  Additionally, she'll find coins and toss them to you.  I love that interaction.  More surprisingly, during one fight scene she was actually finding weapons for me and tossing them my way while I took cover.  It was brilliant.

Aside from these things, I don't have much else to report that isn't spoilery.  The ga…

Bioshock Infinite, Night Two

I played tonight with but one goal in mind:  To get to Elizabeth.  I wanted to finally find her and see what all the fuss was about.  I didn't think I was going to make it -- I didn't want to stay up too late this evening and it seemed like I was on the run through the city forever.  (Though, I don't mean that to sound like it wasn't enjoyable, because it was.)  But at last, I found her.  So what did I think?  Well, let's get there first, shall we?
First things first.  It seems that last night I stopped right before the first boss.  So, I had that to deal with pretty much first thing.  It wasn't much, really, and quite easy.  But, as with any game worth its time to play, killing the boss yielded its power!  Which I now have.  It's fire.  And the ability to set people on fire.  The introductory animation to this vigor was so cool.  Have a look for yourself.

Pretty cool, eh?  What followed was a lot of running from the police through the streets, houses, rooft…

Bioshock Infinite, In Progress!

I'm sitting here about to start playing my early birthday present from John, that amazing mon that he is, and I'm currently on step 3 of 4 in regards to the first-time launch process.  That is, about to play Bioshock Infinite.  I've been looking forward to this game for quite some time, but was actually balking at purchasing it due to the publisher deciding they were going to give Americans a huge middle finger and charge them a full $15 more for the game than the rest of the world.  Not only did John solve this dilemma by getting it for me as a present, he also got it in his home country of jolly 'ol England, meaning it was cheaper.  So he just wins in every regard.  As usual.  
This is going to be a review in progress as I go through the game.  I'm currently on the start screen and tabbed out to ensure the game doesn't explode when you do that.  It doesn't.  It also defaulted to my native resolution, so it's certainly off to a good start.  I will times…
It's always tricky to do any sort of writing while I'm also doing some reading, because I risk being overly influenced by the stuff I'm reading.  Drawing inspiration from existing material isn't necessarily a bad thing, however I tend to go a bit too far with it.  For example, I feel my story Kobel has a bit too much of Naruto's influence in it.  This doesn't surprise me, because the whole reason I started writing that story was to create something that had the feel of Naruto, but where things actually went the way I wanted them to go.  Most of Naruto's stories left me dissatisfied, either because they ended poorly, or didn't end at all.  For that story, it probably would have been wiser for me to go the fanfiction route.  Instead I created a whole new universe of characters and cultures.  I'm not really sure how well I pulled it off.

That is often the case with my writing.  I do it to fill a void; to make up for the weaknesses in stories I've a…

Final Dead Space 3 Thoughts

This was, overall, a good game.  A lot of the things that I thought I would have a problem with ended up being non-issues.  Such as:

The micro-transactions.  These were very transparent and easily avoidable.  I give the developer kudos  for their design on this.  If the publisher is going to demand that you put micro-transaction in your game, this is definitely the way to go about it.  

The "bare bones port".  Game ran fine, looked great, and controlled well.  No issues.  I don't think the developer understands how "bare" a console port can be.  (I'm looking at you, Dark Souls.)

The focus on action over horror.  If the game wasn't co-op, this probably would have been an issue for me.  But since I was able to play through it all with John, I really didn't care.  It was a fun game for the both of us, and that left the horror aspect as a moot point.

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean the game is perfect.  It's actually far from it, and I discovered …