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A friend of mine at work showed this to me today. It's quite bizarre, but also very impressive.

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
Just let me go on record by stating that the Wendy's CHOCOLATE frosty with cookie dough is vastly superior to the vanilla frosty with cookie dough. Vastly.

There's just no comparison.
Let's see. First order of business: Sab's Blog is history. I deleted it for a number of reasons. Mostly, it's because I really don't have any desire to blog about what I do in WoW. No one cares anyway. It's naive to believe that anyone playing a game that so encourages e-penis comparisons gives a crap about anyone else's thoughts about the said game, and thus I don't see the point. My reasons for playing WoW have changed recently. I'm not sure if it's for the better, for the worse, or if it doesn't really matter at all. I don't know, and it's really not that important. Three of the people that I enjoyed playing this game with the most have recently either quit playing or severely cut back on their playing. These are for reasons no more unexpected than simply real life giving them something more important to do right now, so I have no complaints or apprehensions about it. But that doesn't change the fact that my biggest re…
I do a lot of QA, so I've become accustomed to things not working. It's part of my life. Every so often, however, the sheer volume of how many things that don't work still ends up surprising me every so often. Today is a case in point:

I got into work this morning and noticed it was abnormally warm in the office. I discover that the air conditioner isn't working right now. Strike 1. Since it's abnormally warm in here, I went over to the vending machine to get a cold drink. Out of order. Strike 2. Fine, there's another vending machine downstairs. I'll just go use that one. To the elevator! Out of order. Strike 3. I took the stairs. Got to those vending machines. The one holding the sodas is out of order. Strike 4! Fine, I'll get a bag of chips instead. Hey this machine works! I pull out my bag of chips. It's already open. The chips dump out all over the floor.

I was so amazed I just left them there. Strike 5. Back to my desk to …

Urban Dead

Well over a year or two ago, I found this low-tech zombie MMORPG called Urban Dead. It's a completely browser based, grid and text style game. Very primitive, but enjoyable nonetheless. The best part about it was that I could play it anywhere, even at work when I'm on break. I stopped playing it simply because I sort of got bored with it, but today I logged in for the first time in at least a year. Maybe longer.

Surprisingly, my character wasn't dead. I remember that I had last left myself in a very heavily barricaded building, but I assumed that zombies would have broken in at some point since I was in a rather sparsely populated area of the city. (This meaning that not many other players would have entered my building and reinforced the barricades that I had built to keep the zombies out.) My only guess is that perhaps long periods of inactivity cause my character to not show up to other players. I haven't checked on that.

In any case, I used my 50 daily act…
It's the end of April, and it's snowing. Obviously, global warming isn't a big enough problem yet. I think today I'm going to leave my car idle in the parking lot all day while I'm working. Apparently we need to pollute this planet a whole lot more before the fucking temperature goes up!
I've done about as much mind-numbing SQL writing as I can handle without a break. So here I am.

Let's talk friendship.

This is a topic that I've been struggling with lately, and I've felt the need to put the ideas in my head somewhere. (So that maybe they will leave my head and let me think about more important things for a change.)

I have plenty of people in my life who I could casually refer to as a friend, since the simplest definition of friend is "a person who is on good terms with another". But you and I both know that the term friend, when used to describe the relationship between two individuals, should mean much more than that. And naturally, the meaning of the this word is going to be quite different from person to person. I use the term lightly to describe certain people I know, and I will admit that I use the term incorrectly a lot. I will refer to someone as a friend when I actually don't consider them as such, simply because it's ea…
There's something wrong with me. Chemically. Something wrong with me. Inherently.Wrong - Depeche Mode
Right now, I'm finding it difficult to give myself any reason why I should ever try to express even a minimal amount of affection for anyone ever again.

New Car

It's time to start thinking about what kind of car I want to buy. I've already decided that it's time for me to purchase a new one. My current car is going on 8 years old. It's starting to rust in certain places. The check engine light is on all the time. The low coolant light comes on at random. And I'm rather sure the suspension system is borderline catastrophic. 8 years is too long to keep a car, especially considering my commute.

So the question is, what should I get? I currently drive a Chevy Malibu, and I have been quite happy with it. But I don't necessarily need to get another one of those, nor do I even need to stay with some brand of Chevy. I do know that one dealer in my area is having a pretty impressive sale on the Cobalts, but I've kind of heard mixed things about those. I'll have to give it some thought for a bit, but I want to buy one either this month or next.

Not a Milestone

Today I turn 28. This event, if we're going to call it that, was not heralded by much of anything. If we're going with the tradition that I consider it "my birthday" at the stroke of midnight, rather than the actual moment I was born, then I was technically alone when it happened. Not-so-technically, I wasn't alone, since I was probably talking to two or more gaming acquaintances at the time. Or, if we're going to be technical and not consider it "my birthday" until the actual time of birth, then I was either stuck in traffic, or sitting here at work. In other words, I was doing the same things I do every other normal work day.

After reflecting on this, it has encouraged me to give you a little piece of advice:

The world doesn't give a shit about you. You are nothing more than an insignificant speck to it. If you want to feel special on your "special day", I suggest you ensure that you have people in your life who care about you, …
I like it.

There's Something in the Sea