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YDCBITYA: Deus Ex Human Revolution

I tried to play the first Deus Ex when it came out.  Quite honestly, I never got what all the praise was about.  It's consistently hailed as the greatest PC game ever made, and it seems to be that it only has that distinction because of the element of varying choice the game provided.  While that's all well and good, that alone really doesn't complete the picture for me.  
Part of the problem for me, I think, is that I played the game after it was a few years old, and thus pretty dated.  The game didn't look all that great to begin with when it was released, and a few years time certainly didn't help matters any.  And for the record, yes, graphics do matter to me in certain ways.  Games like Minecraft don't have to have great graphics because that's not why you're playing.  But for something like Deus Ex, where you're supposed to be immersed in a fictional, science fiction heavy world, yes, it matters quite a bit.

All that being said, we come aroun…

Second Impressions: Deus Ex

I'm now six hours into the game.  I was getting a little bit frustrated last night, and have only myself to blame.  It all worked out, though.  See, I was doing this one mission that had several main objectives and one secondary objective.  It was that secondary objective that was killing me -- Infiltrate the area and complete the mission without being detected.

Now, stealth in games has never been my strong suit.  I was barely able to pull it off in the Splinter Cell games -- games designed to be all about stealth!  I pretty much failed at it in the Crysis games.  So stealth and I really don't have a good record, y'know?  But I was bound and determined to finish that mission and complete that secondary objective.  It became more about principal than about enjoying myself, which I realize is counter-productive in a game.

But, I will admit I got a tremendous sense of satisfaction out of actually doing it this way, so it wasn't a total loss.

Aside from this self-infli…

First Impressions: Deus Ex

Oh yes, I know that everyone and their mother is talking about Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  The hipster in me in screaming at the top of his lungs right now.  "DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT GAME!  EVERYONE IS PLAYING IT!  STOPPIT!"

Damned hipster alter-ego.

So despite that, I'm here to offer my first impressions of the game, after having played approximately 2-3 hours of it.

First I will share with you one complaint that I was going to have, but that is no longer valid.  I feel it's quite interesting and worth explaining.  I was very early in the game, only a few missions beyond the prologue-slash-tutorial.  I had two or three side quests to do, all of which were behind locked doors that I couldn't hack because I didn't have the proper skill to do so.  At first I was annoyed, thinking the game was pigeon-holing me into having to upgrade my hacking augmentations first in order to make any progress through the game.  But then I remembered that I'm playing Deus …


So we had this earthquake here on the U.S. east coast.  That's pretty newsworthy.

Apparently, it was very shallow (thus felt further away than usual), was 5.9, and was in central Virginia.  I felt it here at the office -- my computer monitors shook and the floor was vibrating a little bit.  I probably wouldn't have even considered it an earthquake if other people didn't start asking me, "Hey, did you just feel that?"

So there you have it -- the most powerful earthquake we've had in over 100 years.  Fortunately, it seems it only caused minor amounts of damage, and no injuries to speak of.  That's a good thing.

Help Me Understand

There was a big snafu earlier in the week regarding the game From Dust.  It was published by Ubisoft, and during pre-release they had made a forum post stating that players would not be required to have an internet connection in order to play the game.  (So in other words, the game would not have DRM.)

The day after the game was released, that forum post was edited several times, and I think eventually deleted all together.  And lo and behold, the game had DRM and required you to be constantly connected to the internet in order to play.

As you can imagine, this started a huge flame fest.  Players who concern themselves with such things, or players who feel the need to act as the RIGHTEOUS DEFENDERS OF THE CONSUMER AGAINST THE EVIL CONSPIRING GAME CORPORATIONS pounded their chests and gnashed their teeth together in rage.

Meanwhile, I played the game.  It was all right.

Today, Ubisoft announced that they would be patching From Dust to completely remove the DRM from the game.  You wo…


It seems like most websites that specialize in reviewing computer games have some type of fancy name for the title of their review posts.  PC Gamer uses a simple "Game Review", where "game" is replaced by the title of the game.  Rock, Paper, Shotgun used "Wot I Think" as theirs.

I'm not a computer game review website by any means, but nonetheless I've decided I need a moniker for when I review a game.  Therefore, I have decided I will be using "YDCBITYA".  You Don't Care But I'm Telling You Anyway.  I was going to go with "YEASRPTG".  (You Elitist Assholes Should Really Play This Game)  But, I figured the elitist assholes are too elitist to read my blog anyway, so that's a bit of a moot point.

And so, I will christen YDCBITYA with a Bastion review.

The first exposure I had to Bastion was the sale ad for it on Steam about a week before the game's PC release date.  My initial thought was, "Oh, it looks like…


There are a lot of new games on the horizon.  I really don't remember ever having so many different titles to think about, to the point where I'm actually forgetting about some of them.  I'll see a news article or snippet and go, "OMG that's right, someone is making THAT!"

Before I get into that a bit more, I have two observations to share with you first.  These are things that I've found quite amusing.

First, I always find it amusing when people get SO INCREDIBLY excited about a sequel to a game where they felt the first installment was mediocre.  Sure, the developers have a chance to improve upon what they did the first time -- but chances are if you didn't like the game the first time around, you're not going to like the sequel!

Second, I've learned that it is inevitable that every game will "fall from grace". Every.  Single.  One.  I personally do not believe it's because game developers make bad decisions.  (Sometimes the…


If any one out there ever doubted that games can be art, I offer you Bastion.

You're welcome.

Extra Content Rocks

A lot of people don't like downloadable content.  You'll get complaints ranging from, "That should have been in the game in the first place!" all the way up to "Gaming companies are greedy fuckheads who nickel and dime their customers to death!"

I disagree.  Mainly, you're still paying a certain amount of money for a certain amount of content in the original game.  And these games released today aren't any shorter and don't contain any less content than games released 5-10 years ago.  I could understand your argument if you weren't getting full games from the start.

I had spent over 50 hours in Fallout: New Vegas before I even touched the first DLC.  That's more than I spent in all of Fallout 3 after I had played all of the DLC packs!  So, to me, that argument is invalid and it seems to me that anyone who tries to make this argument is just being cheap and wants something for nothing.

For me, if I'm offered a few more hours of enj…

Duck and Cover!

It's going to be incredibly difficult for me to speak about Blizzard's recent Diable 3 announcements with an unbiased tongue.  Actually, it's probably impossible for me to do so, and therefore I'm not even going to try to play the part of the good reporter.  Fuck that.  Let's make people angry!

My thoughts on the topic:  So?

Oh my, can you hear it?  So many nerds are gnashing their teeth at me right now!

All right, so I suppose I should actually go into a bit more detail, hm?  Okay, so PC Gamer visited Blizzard over the weekend, and got a bunch of details on three very volatile decisions that Blizzard has made regarding Diablo 3.  Those three things are, with proper links:

1. Diablo 3 will be an "always-online" game.
2. Blizzard prohibits the use of mods.
3. There will be a "real money" auction house.

I really don't want to even get into the topic of all the nerdrage.  Most of it is ill-informed blather, anyway.  So I'll only ask one qu…