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Mindless Entertainment

I use the Action Trip website to check for PC Game release dates. On the site, they do a comic strip that is updated pretty regularly. Lately, they've been on this huge multi-part strip that's been going on for several weeks now. A good read if you enjoy chuckling at the PC Game in-jokes.

Check it out here, from the beginning:


So this morning, I'm sitting in the weekly status meeting for one of our biggest customers. Typically that means nap time. Thankfully, I'm not the Project Manager so I don't have to do any talking (normally). (I'm the Conversion Manager, which basically means I get them up and running. My dealings with the senior management is nil.)

ANYway, these guys are pushing really hard to get their training complete, which entails two people from my office taking a trip to India in the near future (that being my boss and myself). Also, it requires another, shorter trip to Copenhagen even sooner (I think), which was going to be handled by just one person (my boss).

Naturally, as it goes with any corporate endeavor known to man, everything is constantly being delayed. Right now the biggest problem is that my boss has yet to get his passport even though he's applied for it a few weeks ago. And, on top of that, his was only a renewal. When I applied for mine, it was the fir…


Next Time He'll Ask for Grey Poupon

So I'm driving home from work a few days ago. It's a beautiful day. The sun is out, it's warm but not too hot, and I've got my window down and my stereo cranked.

I'm going down the highway, doing about 65-70, and I begin to notice a white car in the passing lane beside me. He wasn't passing me, he was actually just kind of keeping pace. I was noticing this out of the corner of my eye, and then I BARELY heard him yelling. I glance over, and sure enough he's looking over and yelling something at me. So, I turn off my stereo, and he repeats..

"Hey! Will this road take me to Ohio?!"

So, I yell back. "Yeah! Just keep following this road!"

Do you know how difficult it is to hear and talk to someone while you're both booking down a highway going 70 MPH? Quite difficult!

So he responds, "THANKS DUDE!", and was on his way.

What a strange situation THAT was.

This never happens!

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