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Today I was going to make a post about Skyrim.  Unfortunately, as I was writing it, I kept getting reminded of all the ludicrous complaints I've seen about the game.  This caused me to lose interest in writing positive things.

Instead I'll just congratulate Daniel Day-Lewis on his Oscar win.
Modern convenience is a term that has delved into the absurd in recent years, with the advent of the smart phone.  I wouldn't exactly refer to the ability to play Angry Birds while taking a shit a "convenience".  I can't say that I'm huge fan of how many people are now socially or technology connected just about every waking moment.  When it comes to me, sometimes I'm a grumpy cat and just want everyone to leave me the fuck alone.

But when it comes to modern convenience, there are some gems.  A lot of them are simple things.  (It's always the simple things.)  Allow me to give you an example.  On my way home from work last night, it was snowing and fucking cold.  But even so, I needed to stop and get gas for my car, because even though I had no desire to be out in this inconvenience that is called Winter, I didn't want to be stranded from running out of gas, either.  And, since the weather has been very wintry lately, I was low on windshield-washer flu…

Dead Space 3

Apparently, Ridley Scott was wrong.  In space, only your co-op partner can hear you scream.

In my previous post, I talked about the problems that I have with co-op games.  Let's first apply them to Dead Space 3.  Perhaps as we go through here, you'll be helped in deciding whether or not you want to try this game out.

Can I play the main storyline with my co-op partner?
Yes, yes you can.  It is certainly clear in some places where the co-op feels a bit shoehorned into things, mainly in the character dialogues.  For example, there's one place where Isaac says, "It looks like I'm the first person to walk through here in years."  Yet his co-op partner is two steps ahead of him.  So, we're not talking about anything that's game breaking or horribly distracting.  Just minor things.  On the flip side, there are plenty of places where the solution to move on to the next area of the level requires both of you to complete.  That could be something as simple as s…

Some Words on Co-op Gaming

Online co-op is not a relatively new feature in modern games, but it's one that's only recently risen to prominence over the last couple of years.  Franchises that began as solely individual experiences are now getting sequels that allow you to play with a friend, or even many friends.  You can see this everywhere, from Portal 2, to Far Cry 3, to The Elder Scrolls Online.

The advent of co-op and multi-player gaming has not been without its growing pains, and developers have struggled a bit to evolve it.  For the longest time during the late 1990's and the first decade of the 2000's, most multi-player gaming was a tacked on feature, sometimes so much so that it had a different application launcher.  That slowly began to change as the decade wore on, and now multi-player has become a standard feature in a lot of franchises, sometimes becoming the -main- feature.  And, of course, multitudes of multi-player -only- titles have been and are still being released to varying su…
There's a problem brewing in the game's industry.  A good old fashioned "Us vs. Them" war could possibly erupt in the next few years if we're not careful.  Allow me first to describe to you a mentality that I have touched upon before.  The average gamer is rather predicable in a number of ways.  Especially the PC Gamer.  In short, this is how it goes:

They will hate any large game publisher, and will call them greedy.  Conversely, they will love any indie game developer, and worship the ground they walk upon.

The reason for this is rather complex in a number of ways, but there are a few standard, simplistic ones that apply to my point here.  The first and major one is that with large publishers, the customer is more inclined to feel cheated in some way.  Let's face it:  When you're as large as EA or Blizzard, you have a very, very large group of people that you need to aim your product at.  This leads to people thinking your product is either dumbed down, …

My Precious Pixels

Yesterday, I had a discussion with John regarding video game graphics.  I made the argument that I wasn't particularly thrilled with the success of such games as Minecraft, Faster Than Light, and Hotline Miami because they look like shit.  The age-old argument to that is simply "Graphics aren't everything; it's the gameplay that matters."  To this I have two things to say to you:  You are entitled to your opinion.  Also, go fuck yourself.

The truth is, though, that I certainly agree that gameplay is very important, but to me graphics are just as integral to the whole concept of enjoying a game.  This is why I have a very, very difficult time understanding the endless amounts of Minecraft maps that are recreations of other games.  Why in the name of Zeus' butthole would I want to play a Fallout-based Minecraft map?  Fallout 3 is a few years old now and quite honestly looks a bit dated to be sure, but it still looks light-years better than Minecraft.

But let…