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The Evil within The Evil Within

It's the Wednesday before my week's vacation, so I need a little bit of active engagement to get me through the day.  Let's talk about The Evil Within 2.  Below there will be spoilers for both it and its predecessor, so be warned!

When I first heard that there was going to be a sequel to this franchise, I was surprised.  The game was directed by the creator of the first Resident Evil game, and it leaned heavily on this fact in order to promote the game.  It was marketed as a return to true survival horror, rather than the "action horror" games that have been more prevalent over the last several years, such as the Dead Space franchise or more recent incarnations of Resident Evil before the reboot with Biohazard.  This was all fine, and the game was certainly rooted deeply within the survival horror genre.  Aside from this, though, I found most of the game to be rather forgettable. 

The problem isn't that the game contains more bad pieces than good.  The entire c…