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Generally, I categorize problems into three different categories.

1. Elucidated

These are problems you can solve. They can be further broken down into Solitary Elucidated and Assembly Elucidated, the first being solved by yourself only and the latter being solved with help from others. These are the most common types of problems. If you're going to have one, this is the type you want.

2. Compromised

These are problems that you cannot solve, but instead you meet someone/something half-way. Alternatively, it's a problem that you cannot solve but you have support from others who understand the problem and help you move forward.

3. Chimerical

These are the worst kinds of problems. You can't solve them, nor can you get around them. You must simply deal with them. These differ from compromised problems because you have no support from anyone else, and there are two possibilities for this. First, it could be that no one understands the significance of the issue and thus cann…
I think I mentioned in a post not too long ago that I wasn't satisfied with the most recent story I had worked on, because it was ending up too similar to Kobal. Or perhaps I just mentioned it was similar to Kobal. Either way, I find that I can't proceed any further with it due to feeling that I'm simply repeating myself. Consider it scrapped.

Last night, having slept in due to the day off and having a sugar high off the 4 bowls of Cocoa Puffs I had while watching Seinfeld, I found that I had a bit of creative energy left before I was ready to go to bed. So I got the laptop out, stretched out on the couch, and began sketching out ideas for a brand new story.

Ideas have been bouncing around in my head. Spending a vast majority of my free time in a fantasy game tends to inspire the senses to create something epic.

When I begin a new story, I first start out by drafting up bullet items that I will use later while actually writing the story itself. Typically, I start with t…
I used to do a lot of things. Past tense giving the current state of my every day activities -- that being work, gaming, and little else inbetween. A sad existence, sure, but it's *my* existence.

ANYway, I'm bringing up how I used to do things because I was reminded of one such thing yesterday in the form of an automated email.

Back in my Counter-Strike days, I made several videos of funny stuff we could do in the game. My favorite has to be the gun juggling vid set to the tune of some outlandishly fast-paced music I found while watching an episode of Robot Chicken.

Before I get completely off-topic here (too late), I made a Death By Ball video and actually posted it on You Tube just for fun (and as a means of hosting the video in a place not on my own web server, just to see if I could link it directly to my blog).

The obvious perk to posting this video on You Tube is, of course, the fact that anyone can stumble upon it at any given time. And, they can leave comments. I don&…
I enjoy fantasy stories. As bloated as Tolkien's books are, the sections where he actually discusses topics relevant to the plot are some of the most engrossing pieces of literature I have ever read. It was the epic scale of his writing which inspired me to write my own stories (minus all the unnecessary crap that bores you to tears). Every time I would read a book written by someone else, I would be left missing something. It was not until I wrote my own stories that I realized what that was, because unknowingly I have made every story I've written match that criteria. If you read each of my stories, you will see the same exact formula:

1. The main character is good, but flawed.

2. The story is always good versus evil.

3. The main character is always inexperienced and/or young, and has a mentor or someone else who has greater experience and knowledge of the world around them.

4. The main character always has a hidden power.

5. The main character always wins, completely a…