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Borderlands 2

Borderlands was one of those sleeper hits when it came out.  It wasn't good enough to win many Editor's Choice awards, but it was a solid game that a lot of people played, including myself.  I think the game grew in popularity with the longer it was out.  It was a new IP, after all, and such things have trouble getting started in these tough economic times.  Happily, it worked out for Gearbox and now we have Borderlands 2.

I've logged about 10 hours into the game so far, and for the most part it's pretty much the same game as the original.  So, basically, if you loved the first one you'll love this one.  If you didn't, then don't bother.  There are some differences however.  A few of these, I think, actually hurt the game.

First off, the "Revolver" gun type has been eliminated.  In the first game, there was both Pistol and Revolver weapon types.  Pistols were the rapid fire but low damage type of handgun, while the revolvers were the slow firing b…
You never know where you'll end up on the Internet.  Sometimes, I google things at random, with the intent of just relieving a few minutes of boredom rather than for the purpose of finding information.  Such was the case this morning.  I was browsing Steam and looking at all the games that have come out in the past week or so, and also being surprised at just how many people are playing Torchlight 2 right this moment.  (Over 30,000 if you're curious.)  This led me to start thinking about what I would want to say about these new games when I get around to writing about them, which then led me into thinking that I should have some kind of catchphrase for those kinds of posts.  I tried it once before in the past, and made up some ridiculous acronym.  I used it once or twice, and that was about it.  So this morning, I googled the phrase "What I Think".  (It was an attempt to find something similar to RPS' "Wot I Think" posts.)

I didn't really find anyth…

Black Mesa

I read a very good point regarding Black Mesa over on RPS the other day.  Someone pointed out that if the world is this excited about a game we've already played (seeing as how Black Mesa is just Half-Life remade), then he fears to imagine what would happen if a NEW Half-Life game were to be announced. I'm pretty sure that I myself would start to orgasm from orifices that are not meant to be orgasmed from.  There's a nice image for your Monday.  You're welcome.

In any case, Black Mesa was released on Friday.  If you've been living under a rock for the last 5 years or so, then I'll explain that Black Mesa is a game created by a certain group of people.  I don't know who they are.  They recreated the original Half-Life in the Source engine.  If you are a fan of Half-Life, you may be saying right this moment, "Well wait a minute:  There's already a Half-Life: Source."  Yes, this is true.  But it's just a straight port into the Source engine a…