I prey it will rock...

What do you mean I have a cavity?!

Prey is out, and I couldn't be more excited. Especially since I just played about an hour of it. Such gaming goodness to be had.

The game's premise isn't anything overly original, but I must say I don't think there's anything quite like it. You play a Cherokee indian living on a reservation. You're not really happy about it. Then, aliens arrive and start abducting everyone, including your grandfather and your girlfriend. You find yourself aboard the alien vessel, watching a lot of people, including your grandfather, getting skewered and killed in any number of gross yet can't-turn-your-head-away-because-of-morbid-curiosity ways. Then, you fall. The fall should have killed you, but instead you end up in this strange place where you meet your grandfather and he tells you it's time to remember your heritage. Apparently, you have the power to leave your body and walk around as a spirit, and this particular technique comes in quite handy when you are faced with a door you can't open by normal means. Also, when you're walking around as a spirit, you get to use a cool bow.

The coolest part of this game up to this point is the gravity, by far. There are certain areas on the alien spaceship where the gravity is just fucked up, and you can run up walls, walk on the ceilings, etc. It's infinitely enjoyable to shoot a bad guy who is walking on the ceiling, and watch the sorry son of a bitch plummet to the ground afterwards. The monsters are pretty neat looking.

Oh, I just shot you in the face with a plasma gun. My bad!


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