I forgot to tell this story in the last post:

As I was playing Prey last night, I was happily snapping screenshots at all the cool stuff I was seeing. Nothing out of the ordinary there. So, after I was finished for the night, I went to the directory on my hard drive where fraps stores the screenshots. I looked. And then I looked again, not quite sure I was seeing what I was seeing.

Number of screenshots: 1,130

Then I remembered that the last time I used fraps, I had set the "Repeat taking screenshots every 1 second" setting. Ooops. So then I had to sift through them all to find the cool shots. It was kinda neat though, because if I wouldn't have loaded all the images into a flash animation, it would have been a nice movie of me playing the game.


ipassoutcandy said…
you could also print them all out and make a flip book.

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