Right Time, Wrong Place

I'm generally not a person who is overly confrontational, nor goes looking for trouble. Really. Stop laughing!

Anyway....fun with traffic time:

My driving attitude was already at an all time low when I started the trek home this evening because of the bullshit that I had to go through this morning. A 40 minute drive to work took 2 hours, because of 4 magical traffic slowing entities all occuring at once: construction, mid-week, precipitation, and a disabled vehicle.

So I was already a bit miffed when I started for home.

Asshole #1 was some stupid fucker near the airport that decided the passing lane was his own personal space. I educated him otherwise.

Asshole #2 was some dumb bitch who though her shitty Prism was superior to my Malibu. I educated her otherwise.

Asshole #3 is my favorite, and I only wish I was in the position to fuck with him at the time. Sadly, I was just one car back from the incident and could do nothing. As you've heard me bitch about many times, there is a construction zone that I have to drive through every fucking day. Two lanes going into one. The general motorist doesn't know how to merge properly. Even the department of transportation knows this, because there's a big sign that says, "USE BOTH LANES TO MERGE POINT". Even so, you still have the right lane backed up all to hell (it's the lane that is open), and the left lane has almost no one in it. So, naturally, I'm one of the few that actually follows instructions, and I use the left lane all the way up to the merge point. This probably shaves 20 minutes off my drive, because I guess everyone else is too chicken shit to do it. Today, there was this car in the right hand lane. I was behind an SUV, we were in the left hand lane making out way up to the front of the line. About 50 feet before the merge point, this black car starts driving in the middle of the two lanes, so no one in the left lane would go around him.

I would have paid MONEY for that SUV to NOT be in front of me. You cannot possibly imagine how badly I wanted to humiliate this person. I seriously considered going around the SUV (who was chickening out and wouldn't go around the car), and just jackknifing right in front of that cocky little fucker. It would have made my week.

*sigh* Alas, it was not to be.


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