My Patience < Human Stupidity

I typically go to the supermarket on Friday after work to get the things I need for the following week. Sadly, I was at work until 1:00 AM this past Friday, and was in no condition on doing much of anything afterwards, let alone grocery shopping. Even sadder, I had to work Saturday as well, and therefore was able to do said shopping on my way home that day.

Among the items I purchased was a half pound of lunch meat, to be used for the random hunger attack during the weekend and also the two sandwiches for my lunch on Monday and Tuesday. The woman at the deli who waited on me was a very unpleasant individual who I have had the displeasure of becoming aquainted with at my church. She has the personality of a mountain troll, and I'm quite convinced that her monster of a child cannot possibly be human.

Unfortunately, the deli item was no longer in my possession when I got home, for reasons I have not yet been able to explain. So, it was necessary for me to visit the supermarket again this morning. As I approached the deli counter, I was horrified to see the same woman there, this time not behind the counter but grocery shopping herself and getting some items from the deli. If this were any other person in the world seeing me in the same supermarket at the same deli ordering the exact same item less than 24 hours apart, I wouldn't have cared. But this woman disgusts me in ways I have never been disgusted. I avoided the deli for the time being by going and picking up some cat litter, which I thankfully remembered I needed. And Medusa was gone when I returned.

As if my day wasn't going badly enough already, I was number 14 in line at the deli, which was currently serving number 9. And it took the slow mother fuckers 20 minutes to serve 5 people.

I'm never shopping there again.


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