Prey No More

Similar to the aliens in Independence Day, an entire civilization of extra-terrestrials came to earth in a giant sphere-shaped spaceship, which then orbited the planet as the inhabitants abducted millions of people and began to eat them. Those that weren't eaten were turned into cyborg-like fighting machines, sent to make my life miserable as I tried to fight my way to the leader. This game is host to one of the most horrifying experiences I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing in a computer game. From the moment the aliens attack, I had one objective in the game: Fight my way to my girlfriend, Jen. 87% of the way through the game, I finally find her, only she's now half monster. The monster half is hell bent on ripping me apart, while the human part is crying hysterically and telling me to run. I kill the monster part, but the girlfriend part is still alive, albeit barely. I then had to put a bullet in her head. This game's got SUBSTANCE.

After that, you can imagine my character wasn't a happy camper. It was then on to find the boss lady, the leader of it all. After fighting my way through an arena, where I had to battle every single monster I had encountered before one by one from weakest to most powerful (nice touch), I then had to fight about 20 of these huge "keeper" creatures. They fragged nice. Then, I was face to face with HER.

She was happy to see me.

No, really, she was, cause her plot was to have me take her place as leader of these aliens. Instead, I spread her innards all over the arena. Then, in a rather cool ending, I flew their huge sphere of a spaceship right into the sun. Boom.


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