Mmm, vacation...

Today was a weird day. It started at breakfast, when I see this very, very weird looking moth in the parking lot of the restaurant. Check this out:

Now, I didn't put anything beside it for scale because I didn't want to risk it flying away while I took its picture with my phone. However, it was probably SIX INCHES long. (15 CM for you metric people). Fook!

Next, on the way home this morning, there's this big bird (probably a buzzard) munching on a dead animal in the road. It flies off as our car approached, but for a second looked like it was going to go right through the windshield. I'm still having some trouble hearing out of my left ear after my mother screamed into it.

Then, on my way home this afternoon, a tree nearly fell on me! I was driving home, and I look over to my left and see this tree coming at me. It missed me completely, but as I looked in my rearview mirror I could see a huge cloud of dust in the road. Yikes.


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