Regardless, it served its purpose.

Over the weekend, I wrote more than 16,000 words of a story.  It’s utterly unpublishable, even to my writing website, not because of the quality (although I am speeding along), but because I’m too damned embarassed to show it to anyone.  Content issues.  But it was a story I wanted to read, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to deprive myself of that…

It’s not finished yet, but I know where it’s going.  That’s more than I can say about most of my other recent attempts.  I was honestly not expecting it to reach this many words.  I was thinking it’d be all over by the 10k mark.  I guess I ramble on a bit more these days.  Guesstimating by how much story I have left to tell, it’ll probably round out at 25k.  Still small by my standards, but huge for something that I don’t plan on anyone ever seeing.

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