As one of my earlier posts suggested, Blogger announced they are going to discontinue their support of FTP clients in March.  This obviously concerned me, since I’ve had my blog since July of 2005, and I’ve always published it via FTP since I have my own website.  I enjoy hosting my blog on my own website.  It makes it feel like it’s completely mine. 

The first order of business I had to do was find out exactly has this was going to affect me.  I didn’t elminate the possibility that I would cease using Blogger entirely and switch to something else.  I imported all of my Blogger posts into Wordpress, which I can store completely on my own website as well.  So that option is obviously available to me, though I’m not exactly sure I like Wordpress.  I enjoy the simplicity of Blogger.

After some investigation, I’ve come to the conclusion that the elmination of FTP won’t be quite as detrimental as I originally surmised.  For one thing, none of my exsiting posts would be affected.  FTP Publishing is being discontinued, which just means that I will not be able to host any NEW posts on my own website after the deadline. 

Additionally, I believe I will still be able to use my external program to post blog entries.  (Currently, I use a program called BlogJet, which allows me to post blogs without actually going to the Blogger website and typing my posts into the web browser window.)  And finally, I can stil store any pictures and videos that I create on my own website.  The links to them  would remain the same.

So basically, the only thing am I losing is the ability to store the actual posts themselves and my permanent blog address.  The link is no longer
http://www.pastatdude.com/blogger.html.  It’s now http://pdchronicles.blogspot.com.  I had pastatdude.com set up to auto-forward to my blog, since I’ve yet to create a main page that I actually like.  Therefore, I simply changed for forwarding to the blogspot address.  I’ll probably do the same thing to the blogger.html address, just in case anyone links directly to it. 

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