Fallout 3 Bugs

It wouldn’t take you very long to find the threads on Bethesda’s forums regarding just how buggy Fallout 3 is.  They have patched the game 6 times since it’s release 2 years ago, none of which have solved the problem.  I myself have this problem, and it’s quite a frustrating one:  The game simply freezes completely up at random times.  Sometimes it happens when you go into a building, or switch weapons, or target a bad guy.  Basically, it can happen at any time.  Sometimes I would play for hours before it would happen.  Sometimes it would happen within minutes. 

Finally, last week, after scouring every website I could find online regarding the issue, I found a solution that seems to have solved the problem.  I say seems only because I haven’t had a freeze-up since I did it.  The fix required me to manually edit the games .ini file, which is a ridiculous procedure to have to do.  (I still don’t understand why Bethesda themselves can’t fix it.)  In any case, I’m currently freeze-free and hope to stay that way. 

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