I never played the expansion packs for Fallout.  I feel that I need to rectify that oversight at some point, and Steam is selling them all in a packaged deal for $49.99.  So I purchased it and it’s currently downloading as we speak.  Which is a silly phrase.  I guess I should say it’s downloading as I type.  That makes much more sense. 

I also prepurchased Star Trek Online, hereafter referred to as STO.  I’m not even sure why I prepurchased it.  I don’t care about all the nifty and special limited edition little things I get for being so proactive about buying the game.  Hell, I don’t even know if I’m to like it.  Let’s take that one step further.  I don’t even know if I’m going to PLAY it.  Seems kind of silly to buy it then, but hey, I’m a silly kind of guy.  In any case, there’s a guy I used to play WoW with that always said he wanted to play it with me.  Maybe that had something to do with my decision to purchase it.  Maybe not.  I don’t even know if he’s still alive.  I hope he is.  He WAS in jail, but the HIV from the prison rape shouldn’t kill him any time soon.  They have done wondrous things with AIDS treatment these days.  People live for decades. 

Probably not something I should joke about.  But he really was in jail. 

Perhaps my other reason for buying it was to show the world (read:  myself) that maybe I’m capable of playing a different MMO. 

I’m also listening to a very odd cover.

I also had no need to use the STO acronym.  So there it is. 

Now playing: Trustcompany - Rock The Casbah


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