Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a cold, rainy Monday morning.  Most people would attribute such a day to depression, or use it as an excuse for why their in a shitty-ass mood.  I, however, feel pretty good this morning.  I got plenty of sleep and I'm not letting anything really get to me today.  It's good.  It's gooooood.

So, what's goin' on?

First of all, I'm 90% through Black House.  I should be done with it this week -- hopefully before Tuesday so that I can dive right into The Wind Through the Keyhole.  Last night, I read probably the most gruesome ending to a villain ever.  The current victim of the serial killer fought back, and grabbed the bastard's testicles.  And squeezed.  Until one of them deflated.  Ouch.  Of course, that wasn't enough to kill him, so the boy then reached into the stab wound on the guy's stomach and pulled out a few ropes of his intestines.


On to more pleasant things.  Well, at least more pleasant than that!  For starters, it looks like there may be some traveling in my near future.  I'm sort of conflicted on this.  For one thing, traveling is a pain in the arse.  Especially when it's business travel, as this obviously is.  I hate going to a strange place, while additionally having to worry about training a customer on a product in which I have no confidence.  Heh.  There's also the annoyance at getting pulled out of my life's routine.  But, on the bright side, I get to see a new place, and everything is paid for.

I have no idea when this'll be happening, or even where I'll be going.  Information will be forthcoming.

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